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  • AmazonBox
    Show an Wishlist, Listmania list or Marketplace Seller list on your website using a small line of JavaScript.
  • Audblog
    A service that provides bloggers with the ability to post audio to their blogs from any phone.
  • BlogAmp
    A free Winamp plugin that allows the user to keep a list with the last songs played in Winamp.
    Refreshing connections. You will receive an email every day telling you which of the blogs that you are subscribed to have been updated, including links for you to take you directly to those blogs.
  • The Blogger Code
    Esoteric way to describe different types of bloggers.
  • Bloglines
    A free service that makes it easy to keep up with your favorite blogs and newsfeeds. With Bloglines, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite blogs, and Bloglines will monitor updates to those sites.
    Easy to use service to manage your links and buddy lists on your blog.
  • BlogSnob
    Text Ad Exchange service for webloggers. Allows you to promote your site in a clean, non obtrusive manner. All in all, a great way to read new weblogs.
  • Blogstickers- Free slogan graphics specially designed for blogs, with a facility on-site to create new slogans.
  • Googlebox js
    Easily add a googlebox to any site.
  • I Color My World
    Assigns color values to five major human moods or emotions and combines them to produce and display the mood of the Internet World with a single color.
  • iMood
    Displays a graphic on your site that reflects your mood.
  • JavaRSS
    Just one bookmark for all Java RSS (blogs, news and articles) feeds.
  • Livejournal/Deadjournal Icons
    Making icons for journals.
    Free web-based tool allows users to embed a list of music, books, films and computer games anywhere in a page, and manage the list remotely.
  • Name That Blog
    Game/ link exchange/ advertisement system for use on any blog. Playing is simple: if you see Name That Blog on a site, just guess which blog you think the post comes from. You'll find out if you were right or wrong, and have the chance to visit any of the possible answers.
  • nuMood
    Display your current mood as an image in web pages or e-mails.
  • Tangent
    Centralized web service designed to link your journal site or weblog to other sites, based on your interests and preferences.
  • Unkymoods
    Unique mood emoticons for your personal web site.
  • The WeatherPixie
    Displays current weather for locations all over the world. The image shown changes with the current weather reports, shows daylight and current weather statisticss.
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