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  • Backwash
    Content organized by personality, not subject matter. Includes columns, reviewed links, newsletters, communities and the ability to post your own comments.
  • Birmingham Blog
    Links to other blogs originating from the area of Birmingham.
  • Blawg I
    nformation source and directory for law and legal-related weblogs, or blawgs.
  • Blizg
    Ablog index that focuses on metadata.
  • Blog Chalking
    Collaboratively mapping weblogs for smarter blog searching.
  • Blog Hot or Not
    View random blogs and rate them from 1 to 10.
  • The Blog Hunter
    An index of user submitted weblogs.
  • Blog Search Engine
    Search engine and directory listings of blogs and blogging tools.
  • Blog Universe
    Categorized by theme, searchable.
  • Blogarama
    Search and enjoy weblogs from all over the world, post blog reviews, and list your own blog in the directory.
    User-contributed directory, with excerpts. Sites are listed with no wait. Promotion method ensures the best (most viewed) excerpts get noticed.
  • Blogging Ecosystem
    Regularly updated link-based ranking of a number of weblogs and related sites.
  • Blogging Network
    Pay site to support the bloggers whose pages you visit.
  • BlogHop
    Weblog portal. View by rating or freshness. Searchable and grouped by categories.
  • Bloginality
    Weblogger personality types. Find your type and others the same.
  • BlogPulse
    Automated day-by-day harvest of weblogs for frequent key phrases and links.
  • BlogRunner
    Track breaking news stories and related weblog commentary as they develop across the web.
    Lets you keep an eye on your favorite weblogs via the web, email, and instant messenger.
  • BlogsCanada
    This is a directory of several thousand Canadian weblogs and journals as well as a resource site with blogging news and reviews on blog tools, books and other blog sites.
  • Blogs4God
    A semi-definitive list of Christian webloggers.
  • Blogwise
    A directory of blogs, grouped by keyword and country. Intends to be a guide to blogs around the world.
  • Blogz
    Search by keywords in title or description.
  • Bloogz
    Search for blogs by typing in a keyword. You can choose from five languages.
  • Breaking Windows
    A look at Microsoft Windows XP from a Mac User (Ken Edwards)
  • Cowtownbloggers
    The website-slash-community blog for bloggers in the Calgary region. Alberta, Canada.
  • DFW Blogs
    Dallas/ Fort Worth area weblogs.
  • Registry
    Directory of journals, diaries, and personal weblogs.
  • Eatonweb Portal
    Searchable directory of blogs which are initially grouped by category, language and country.
  • EdBlogger Praxis
    Educational blogs from K to Graduate School.
  • Euroblogs
    A list of European weblogs categorized by the home country of its maintainers.
  • Featurette Guide
    A set of links to some of the more enduring content in bloggerland, including the 12 days of blogging, voice mail directories, and cams.
  • GeoURL ICBM Address Server
    A location-to-URL reverse directory. This will allow you to find URLs by their proximity to a given location. Find your neighbor's blog.
  • Globe of Blogs
    An index of weblogs as submitted by their authors.
  • GTA Bloggers
    The blogger community in Greater Toronto Area. Organizing get togethers and events. Email list.
  • Guardian Unlimited - Weblog Guide
    A "best of" selection of blogs grouped by category.
  • Kamat Blog Portal
    Indian blogs listed by recently updated and location, or list can be searched.
  • Kmax Blog Links
    Alphabetical list of blogs. Links to web log related resources. Top 20 ranking of the most popular and frequently updated blogs.
  • London Bloggers Tube Map
    Geographical directory of weblogs, plotting their proximity to given Underground stations. Data also available in RDF.
  • Malaysia Central Blog Directory
    Listings of updated Malaysian blogs.
  • metapitas
    Jennifer's picks of interesting pitas.
  • MetaWeblog
    Displays a listing of recently updated blogs, and stores history records to produce a database offering update frequencies and similar information.
  • Nolablogs
    Listings from the New Orleans, Louisiana area.
  • The Octopus Files
    Alphabetized listing includes excerpts from posts to give the reader an idea of what they're like.
  • Open Weblog Directory
    Lists sites that are regularly updated.
  • ORblogs
    A directory of Oregon weblogs, excerpts from those weblogs, and photos by the authors.
  • Organica
    A site that crawls weblogs and provides statistics on what's popular right now, related sites, who links to who and which tools are being used.
  • The Pepys Project
    Blogs indexed by geographical area and country.
    A directory of photo-centric weblogs.
  • Popdex
    Crawls over ten thousand news and blog sites daily. Ranks and updates the top links hourly.
  • Research Blogs
    An annotated list that can be used by researchers and academics.
  • Root Blog Directory
    Web blog directory and RSS feed aggregator.
  • San Diego Bloggers
    Sites must be updated frequently and originate somewhere in San Diego County, California.
  • Seattle Weblogs
    A portal for Seattle (US) based weblogs.
  • Start4all: Weblogs
    Startpage with links of webloggers. This page contains bloggers all over the world with interesting stories. Also links of famous webloggers and weblog tools, media, portals and meetings.
  • Weblog Madness
    Resources for bloggers.
  • Weblog Monitor
    Recently updated weblogs.
  • Weblogs Directory
    Shows highlights from blogs using the RSS and RDF feeds.
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