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Web Portals

  • My Netscape
    Customizable homepage with information allowing access to stock quotes, sports scores, news, and weather.
  • Yahoo!
    Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager.
    Offers web search, free e-mail, news, chatrooms, books, and shopping.
  • Amray
    General directory provided by a Canadian web-hosting company, together with metasearch, domain name search, Whois, weather and headline news.
    Provides a search engine, directory and news. Offers free e-mail in a number of different domain names that begin with the number "4".
  • AOL Anywhere
    America On Line's portal, offering search, shopping, channels, chat and mail.
  • Beast Lair
    Fun portal which offers search and email, polls, tests, games, jokes and desktop wallpaper.
  • Intelligent Life on the Web
    Features its own directory, free e-mail, message boards, news, articles and short stories online. Provides information on health, travel, science, technology and lifestyles.
  • The Cannylink Internet Guide
    Offers a web directory, search, classifieds, stock reports, weather, debt management, chat rooms and free email.
  • Citibay
    Portal offering a parallel search starting with Google. Guide to US cities, news, travel guide, e-greetings cards and email.
  • ClickHere2 Network
    Features free email, search directory and news.
  • ClickUK
    British life and youth culture portal using animation.
  • CurryGuide
    Global metasearch engine and Web portal. News, weather, horoscope, shopping, kids search, mp3, music, children, weather forecast, books.
  • EZBrowser
    Gateway page designed to allow easy surfing for those not accustomed to seeking information online. Opens into a full-screen large-print browser.
    Portal including news, global metasearch with many language options, and directory using live data from the ODP. Stock quotes, weather.
  • Finest Image
    Headlines, featured sites, and open directory project interface.
  • First Productions
    Features search, news, stocks, weather, recipes, comics, and horoscopes. Offers free e-mail.
  • GearMetro
    Features news, weather, financial data, downloads, personals, forum, and email.
  • Go
    A searchable directory, news, stocks, sports and free e-mail.
    Speech-enabled portal with search and business directory.
    Web resources, free email, backgrounds and search results from seven search engines.
  • G-Portal
    News, stocks, weather and links.
  • The Idea Web
    Web portal featuring search engines, current news, discussion forums, and free email.
  • Infoquire
    This site has free reminder service, information search, shopping, news, and market information.
    Web guide and portal.
  • JM Links
    A mini-directory to selected web links arranged by subjects-arts,business,education, food & dining,government,health,home,sports,society and culture, and travel
  • Kazweb
    General links to various topics, e-cards, e-mail, and a search engine.
    Form access to simple search on several engines one at a time, iSyndicate news. Free e-mail, URL redirection, and chat.
  • Lycos
    Portal with search powered by Fast, channels, and a directory. Personalized content, Web guides, contact manager, message boards, free e-mail, and free Web pages.
  • Main Portals
    Listing of portals by subject and country. Israel AI meta search of 30 engines.
    Internet starting point featuring a metasearch engine, news, e-mail, weather, stock quotes, comics, radio, and movies.
  • MrEverything
    Web portal with search, directory using the ODP, real estate, shopping, news, finance, stock quotes, recipes, indoor air quality information, travel.
    Microsoft's newly renamed portal entry. Features personalization, channels of content sites like Carpoint, and integration with Hotmail e-mail.
  • My Mac Connect
    Mac news, links, software updates. Weather, stock quotes, news, e-mail viewer.
  • My Toolbar
    If set as your default page, you may specify another page to take up most of your browser window (MT will take only a strip at the top). Small selection of links.
    Portal offering free web email, news, information and reviews, and stores.
  • News Clipper
    An application which allows integration of information from around the internet to build individual web portals.
  • nPorta
    Web portal personal information resource, web logs, and content provider in wireless communication and technology for corporate and private users.
  • PacoGuide
    Bets, chat, clubs, people finder, greetings, horoscope, photos, weather, web builder.
  • PCBEE NetWorld
    International news, weather, correct time, stock quotes and games.
  • PeopleWeb
    Gives users targeted access to bonded communities and to social, intuitive tools for managing activities on the Internet.
  • Portal King
    Comprehensive answers to questions about topic-specific portals.
  • PortalPlanet
    Offers free e-mail, news, customizable front page and links. Also available for company branding.
    Features search engine, directory, online magazine, research resources, free stuff, shopping, games and news.
  • Quick Net Guide
    Web portal where users control the content. A searchable directory of thousands of user-submitted websites, chat, news, jokes, and this day database.
  • R.Lingley's Virtual Desktop
    "Ad Banner Free" home-page containing search engines, links, and Rhode Island music and cartoons by R. Lingley.
    Free email, links, webmaster resources, and shopping portal.
  • The Search Beat
    Directory that organizes the web by theme pages.
  • Search Caddy
    Meta search engine, directory, stock quotes, weather, and yellow pages.
    Portal with email, news headlines, weather, personals and greetings. Search with drop-down selection of search engines; directory from the Open Directory.
  • SearchKing
    Portal to its network of people who use SearchKing software and hosting to build a topic specific or "hometown" portal. Also email, shopping and entertainment.
  • SearchKing Portal 4 U
    Fully-functioning Internet portals available for an annual fee. All needed to set up your search engine, chat, vanity e-mail, classifieds, and forums.
    The ultimate web search service providing access to weather, search, shopping, stocks, and games.
    URL position manager and web portal.
  • SelectSurf - Designed to be the most efficient easy-to-use guide to Internet containing only the very best sites online.
  • Sheilsoft Computer Systems
    Portal and web resource.
  • Shimmer
    A directory containing quality links and no adult links. Also a portal delivering the latest news, sports scores, games, chatrooms, and message boards.
  • Site Finder Network
    Top 50 site listings, web search, shareware search, the latest news headlines, stocks, local tv listings and weather.
    An Asian internet portal that provides various e-information, resources, and search, plus various other online services and tools such as e-cards, and a forum.
  • The Solar System
    Everything in the Solar System; space, science, news, research, chat, and books.
  • Spinfinder
    Free email, chat and shopping.
  • Start Web Page
    Fast access to major search engines, free email, stock quotes, shopping coupons, news, weather.
  • Surfing Sam
    Sam's mission- To make the Internet a more personal and enjoyable experience. A free personal website with links and a quality search utility.
    Online community features webcameras, ews, greeting cards, voice chat, and message board.
    Offers horoscopes, games, ecards and movie reviews.
  • TooLittleTime Start Page
    Links; search the top nine search engines at once. Guide and tools for building a free web page.
  • Tosurfyou startpage
    Web portal to the best on the web.
  • Total Surfer
    Website reviews on topics of Culture, Family, Introspection, Psychology, Recovery, Spirituality and Wellbeing. Ideal for counsellors and any concerned individual.
  • Totalserve Free Internet Access (UK)
    News; interesting articles and links on a variety of topics.
  • Traffick
    Articles, blog, and directory of portal- and search engine-related sites and tools.
  • Tropes
    Portal and search engine with a calendar.
  • Use 4
    Multiple homepage service allowing users to decide which portal to use or to create their own portal.
  • Vin's Portal
    Email and games, stock quotes, news, weather, maps, searches, and computer-related shopping.
  • Voila
  • European portal, with localized search and content solutions spanning many languages and countries. Enables you to search "the best of" the American content.
  • Web Portal, Inc.
    Nice searchable small general directory.
  • Web-a-dex
    Internet start page that includes voice chat, language translator, universal search, music, and news.
  • web4myfriends
    A portal to build up an internet friendship community. Send e-cards, chat, or check out new links with your friends.
    A comprehensive guide to the Internet, including indexes, directories, meta-search engines, FTP, chat (IRC), usenet (newsgroups), and specialized directories.
  • Welcome Online
    American portal with mail, news, links, and search function.
    An adventurous tour through the internet. Lots of hidden jems of the web listed in an easy to use interface.
  • Wonderport
    Portal to all the main portals: a fast-loading starting point for all WWW surfing.
  • WorldBinder
    Getting the world together: Forums, chat, e-cards, news, weather, and links.
    Provides portal to categorized list of top 100 websites covering a variety of topics.
    Portal with categorized links.
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