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Message Boards

  • The Admin Zone Forums -
    Online resource for administrators of bulletin board communities. All topics dealing with running and setting up a forum community are discussed.
  • AfterHours Forum on Delphi
    Both intelligent and irreverent discussions on a variety of subjects.
  • Alien Soup
    Diverse forum community. Get help with games, chat, laugh, gripe and debate.
  • All Forums Network
    Topics incluce current events, sports, humor, and technology.
  • Ambient Noize
    Where polite conversation ends is a message board created to further discussions about life, politics, religion, and other subjects generally considered taboo in polite society.
    Browse message boards on many topics and consult over one-thousand members who are ready to answer burning questions.
  • Banned From Life Forums
    Chat about everything and nothing in particular on topics such as arts and computers. User feedback welcome.
  • BBC Messageboards
    Communicate your views nationally and locally through BBCi message boards with hundreds of topics to choose from including music, entertainment and science.
  • Beerho dot com
    Message board for the peculiar. All topics open for discussion aiming to move in unexpected directions.
  • Bianca
    Discussion areas for various topics including society, style, hobbies, issues, health and technology.
  • BlueRush
    Variety of discussion boards including general chat, jokes, debates, birthdays, contests and games. Administrators welcome feedback and suggestions.
  • Board of Smartness
    General chat board with topics with sub-boards for debates, work, school, politics and entertainment.
  • The Bored Board
    Array of topics including general chat, politics, science and technology, sports and a place to post photos.
    A mix of comedy and general chat with sub-boards for debate, media and computers and technology.
  • BratsRBack
    A variety of topics in a light hearted atmosphere. From general chit chat to web besign, jokes to home and decor. Something for everyone.
  • Bubble Boards
    Occupied by silly 20-somethings with general chat, the arts and Internet assistance.
  • The Cellar
    Topics include politics, current events, technology, entertainment, Philadelphia and image of the day.
  • Chatbites
    International forum where people are invited to voice their opinions on any subject. Come join us and exercise your mind. Post your poems and pictures and participate in political and religous discussion.
  • Chatty Bastidges
    General chat, entertainment, debate, and technical topics.
  • The CheeseBoard
    A blend of music and entertainment including general chat and a sub-board specifically for non-English speaking members.
  • The City Gate Discussion Forum
    Discussions on world news, politics, social issues, religion, literature, poetry, and other topics. The meeting place where thoughts, ideas, and opinions on life are shared.
  • Coffee Shop Chatter
    Friendly forum to chat, get web help, advise, tell jokes, swap stories, hobbies, and just generally have fun.
  • Coliseum 2
    Variety of topics including television, music, movies, hobbies, video games and general chat.
  • Community Message Board
    General board for discussion of a range topics, including health, computers, society, celebrities, business, sports and games. Contains a link to the most active topics.
  • Coweater Forums
    Small self-hosted forum just to hang out and chat. Includes a word of the day forum.
    Personal public forum for any type of discussion. Includes polls and webmail.
  • 2 Dark Park
    Forum topics include general chat, games, pictures, polls, society and politics. User journals, links and propaganda.
  • DarkBlazes
    General discussion forum with topics such as current affairs, entertainment, computing and games, jokes and comics, and graphics and art.
  • Demented Forums
    Offers something for everyone including general chat, news, games, photos, a for sale board and computers and technology. Administrators open to new board topic suggestions.
  • Digital Drivel
    Includes discussion on wide range of topics including reviews, games, and computers and technology.
  • Everyone's Night Club Community
    Discuss sports, games, and entertainment. Share information about viruses and rant to fellow members.
  • The Exedra
    Virtual exedra, where you are invited to speak your mind in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect. General chat, art, quizzes, and debates.
  • Extra Crispy
    A warm, friendly community with a diverse membership from around the world. Discuss love, sex, songwriting, performing, television, movies, literature or get advice from caring people.
  • Fat Cat News
    The place where the top 1% kick back, relax, and chat. The fatter the cat, the bigger the news.
  • Final Fantasy and Xenogears Online
    Random chat with a close and friendly community. Includes sub-boards for anime, RPGs and gaming.
  • Five and Dae's
    A friendly place for everyone to talk. Meet people from all over the world and exchange ideas. Includes RPGs, entertainment and travel discussions.
  • Fool Moon
    Chat and message boards which have a stated aim of being family friendly. Topics include faith and philosphy and current affairs, and there is also a writing community.
  • ForumClick
    Discussion forum for politics, media, conspiracy theories, editorials. Includes lighter topics such as humor and sports.
  • Forums at
    General chat forum with emphasis on IT topics such as hardware, software, internet, multimedia, security, technical and general news.
  • Forums HQ
    Multi-topic forum including general chat, jokes, sports, cars, bikes, computing, graphics, music, movies and life issues.
  • Frappy Doo
    Discussion forums covering sports, debates, pets, Bible Q&A, entertainment, teens, brain teasers, jokes, parenting, relationships, computer hardware/software, the Internet, and money matters.
  • The Fresh Press
    Conference board with a variety of topics uses specialized software (Motet).
  • - Constant Intellectual Stimulation
    Eclectic individuals share their intellectually stimulating ideas, creativity, opinions, and even wit, in the unique and compelling community,, earning free dream-fulfilling rewards.
  • Gear Factory Network
    General discussion and specialty forums including topics on literature, journals and computers and technology.
  • The Geek Forum
    General chat with sub-boards for computers and technology, politics, and celebrities.
  • Gfx Forum
    A general interest forum relating to world news, politics, christianity and general chatter.
  • Gia's Place
    General discussion at the wicked lair with topics including game threads, life, opinions, entertainment and romanace.[Membership by review.]
  • Grandma's Kitchen
    Topics ranging from life, poetry, news, never ending story, and spiritual inspiration.
  • Grants Zone
    UK general chat forum with topics such as bargain shopping, trading, games and technology, and entertainment.
  • Hip Forums
    Free speech forums including music, sex, politics, news, poetry, marijuana, psychedelics, gay, health, fashion, crafts, hippies, free classifieds and personals.
  • Infected Files Message Board
    Continuous discussion between members on a variety of topics. Anonymous posting allowed.
  • INReview
    General discussion forum featuring sub-boards of recent newsworthy topics from world issues to entertainment.
  • Interesting Nonetheless
    A general discussion message board for a wide array of people. Includes areas for debate, rants, music, and technology.
  • Internet Junk Online
    General chat, word games, music, television, video and literature topics. Also includes personality tests, name generators and celebrity photos.
    General chat forum with an area for queries as well as boards for discussion of entertainment, leisure, computers and technology and a for sale board.
  • IWeThey Forum
    Over 40 sub-boards devoted to topics such as general discussion, current events, humor, jobs, religion, politics, science, money, sports, entertainment and computers and technology.
  • Forum
    General chat, gaming, anime, paintball, jokes and sports.
  • JPortal Bulletin Board
    General chat on topics such as entertainment and religion as well as assistance with technology issues. List of most recent posts available.
  • Kapland
    Kapland is an anything goes discussion forum with sub topics dedicated to music, movies, fantasy/sci-fi, RPGs and other interests.
  • Knowledge Emporium
    Topics include computer support, software, and the Internet.
  • The Knowledge Zone
    Devoted to a variety of specific topics including IT, games, movies, MP3s, sports, and debate.
  • Lava Lamp City
    An interactive web site which the user to post random messages, thus communicating with other utterly random strangers to establish a dialectic from which new syntheses of thought will spring forth.
  • Leprechauns
    Topics include movie stars with emphasis on Kirsten Dunst, Matt Damon and Sean Biggerstaff; music, television and gaming.
  • Life is Annoying
    Full range of topics including politics, world events, law, philosophy, religion, sex, conundrums, environment, science, technology, and conspiracies.
  • Like Minds Together
    Friendly messages boards with topics such as relationships, health, children, travel and news.
  • The Mantel - A Virtual Water Cooler
    Diverse selection of topics including relationships, gardening, philosophy, fitness and technical issues.
  • Merkey - Random Discussion
    Off-topic forum with intelligent discussions, unintelligible polls, fights over tuna, and odd phrases.
  • Mind Collisions
    Collection of boards on a variety of topics. Edgy, intelligent debates welcome.
  • Mind Odyssy
    A place of intelect and individuality. Expression of the mind in many forms, philisophical jargan and difference of opinions. Politics, ethics and expression.
  • Morning Mayonnaise
    Asian entertainment community and message board. J-pop, anime, fashion and Japanese cinema, and general chat.
  • MyTrueStory
    Community bulletin board for sharing life lessons, life experiences, and a comparative outlook for people everywhere.
  • Nasty Forums
    Indonesian based message board with a young adult membership base. Topics include food, fashion, entertainment, music, hobbies and school. [Messages in English and Indonesian.]
  • Neo Helix Forums
    An interactive community for discussing a wide range of topics including debates, education subjects, comedy, recreation and media.
  • Message Board
    Topics include TV, movies, science and technology, Star Wars, and video games.
  • Nights of Light
    General chat forum with emphasis on technical support with sub-boards for hardware, software, Windows, Linux, web programming, software and graphics. Includes an area for off-topic discussion.
  • The Oasis
    General discussion forum with many topics including jokes, riddles, entertainment, television shows, literature news, hobbies, sports, and health issues.
  • Pathfinder
    Boards related to magazines published by Time Inc., such as Popular Science and Ski Magazine.
    Forum, private messaging and journals. Topics include general chat, relationships, local and world issues, lifestyle and technology.
  • Placebos From God
    A colorful place to chat. General chat board with topics such as debates, personal matters and pop culture.
  • The Poetics Forum
    Community and frienly conversation with people of all ages and locales. A good-natured and positive place to share thoughts and ideas with topics such as games, hobbies and music.
  • Pronoblem
    A public forum with topics such as art, film, music, culinary and culture.
  • Public Mouth
    Originally created to reunite people from LOOT, London's free ad paper, but now open to people across the world. Messages and annoucements of get-togethers in London. [Yahoo Group]
  • Purely Random
    A small, community-forming site with a focus on posting fairly lengthy "random thoughts." Users can comment on existing thoughts or post their own.
  • PW New Media Network Forums
    An online community of people primarily focused on computers, which includes a variety of other topics such as music, film, television.
  • Rampancy
    A threadless, communal, highly-connected hypertext Anonymous discussion forum, bearing some technical similarities to Wikki and Everything2. Discussion topics are varied and include music, literature, marine biology. Introspective metadiscussion is encouraged.
  • Rant N Rave Uncensored Current Events
    Uncensored posts on current events and personal rants.
  • Reality Check
    Eclectic mixture of message board topics including political issues, the arts, and general chat.
  • The Round Table
    Social message board with emphasis on the hip-hop generation. Features R&B and hip-hop battles as well as boards for games and entertainment.
  • Rule Your World Web Forum
    Discussion forum for a variety of different topics such as music, video, games, literature and politics.
  • RuNaked
    Laugh about life and forget the serious things for a while. Discussion includes topics such as politics, sports, humor, food, computers and technology, music, games and movies.
  • Rustboard
    Message board with topics such as general chat, music, movies, games and sports.
  • Salon Table Talk
    Topics include books, work life, imagination, home and garden, music, movies, private life, the Whitehouse and writing.
  • Sanity Held Hostage
    A message board where people can have fun and discuss just about anything or nothing at all.
  • The SC4Life Forum Board
    General chat open to all different kinds of topics such as events, politics, sports, tech talk and conspiracies.
  • Shadow River Commentary
    Range of topics including general chat, writing, comics, life at work, computers and technology and role playing.
  • Something Real Forums
    A collection of forums offering debate on a range of subjects from news and current affairs, science and technology, movies and entertainment. Includes shoutbox.
  • Somewhere.TV
    Message boards based in the UK to meet and chat about a wide variety of subjects. Includes articles and picture galleries.
  • Spacebar
    General chat forum with boards for gaming and computing help.
    Essays, thoughts, observations, poetry, humor, links and references. Registration not required to post.
  • Ssmarcs Communty Forum
    General chat with topics such as body art, polls, computers and technology, webmaster issues, humor and celebrities.
  • Static Forums
    A multi-topic discussion forum with topics such as sports, games, marketing and art.
  • 1 Step Forward
    Non-moderated open discussion board for general chat including topics such as relationships, entertainment, photography and a buy and sell board.
  • Stress Bank Forum
    Discuss life, deposit stress, and have fun. Share passions, pain and pet peeves. Find humor, play games and laugh. Submit creative writing and art, or get help, support, and advice.
  • Stryder's Community
    General chat community that offers free e-mail accounts and many sub-forums including anime, music and health and nutrition.
  • The Talkboard
    Friendly talk board with topics such as the news, home, advice and entertainment. Make new friends from around the world.
  • TCF
    Multi-topic forum for everyone. Television, movies, sports, computers, quizzes, challenges as well as general chat. Live trivia competition every week.
  • Tech Forums
    General discussion with emphasis on computer technology, programming and gaming. Off topic discussion welcome.
    Message boards for venting anger and annoyance about a variety of topics.
  • ThatForum
    Variety of message boards with subjects varying from music, to Star Wars, to CounterStrike. Strictly moderated, with vibrant, intelligent members.
  • Tilted Forum Project
    An evolving community of thousands of mature adults. Discussion of sexuality, politics, interests, art, and photography.
  • Total Nonsense Forums
    Covering computer topics, arts and entertainment and website reviews.
  • Total Twaddle
    Friendly, general chat forum with member map, calendar and board statistics. Includes sub-boards for freebies, pictures and blogs.
  • Trystan
    A forum for people from all around the world. Topics include entertainment, talent/artisty, and general chat.
  • Ultimate Forumboards
    Discussion of a variety of topics including gaming, sports, technology and homework help. Membership not required to post.
  • Unleashed
    General discussion board which provides a place to vent and contains topics such as movies, television, and the paranormal.
  • uSuCK.CoM Forums
    Journals, general chat, health and science, entertainment, arts, literature, religion, politics, games and sports with an attitude.
  • vBulletin Community
    Unofficial message board for vBulletin forum users and administrators. Discussions include source code, template modifications and events related to vBulletin software.
  • Vectec Forums
    A place for people to discuss anything including rants, rumours and news.
  • Verbalmudslide
    The arena for full-contact conversation. Entertainment, politics and rants.
  • Visual Pride
    For anyone who likes to be their own person. Japanese rock/visual shock, Kyuuketsuki Ketsueki, music, fashion and movies.
  • Web Discuss
    Free speech discussion group, hosting discussions about web technology, web design, internet business, and programming and graphics.
  • WebQuad Network Forums
    Topics include gaming, music, Christianity, and teens. Board statistics, member list and search function also available.
    Off topic message board available to everyone which includes a photo gallery, email, and private messages.
  • The White Rider
    Video games, Lord of the Rings, teen and school issues, family, animation, film and sports discussion.
  • The Wind
    General discusssion board where all subjects are welcome.
  • Wolstrup Forum
    Friendly, general chat, PC/web/graphic design discussion, entertainment and animation.
    All around community and message board including hardware and software topics, developers corner and hobby forum.
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