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Rated Awards

  • Absolut Awards
    Offers awards for best web sites, for graphics and artistry. Rating: AS! 4.5, WA 10
  • Aljapaco Webb Award
    Award for general excellence in content and design, based on strict criteria and scoring. Rating: WA 10.3
  • Artabus Awards
    Three levels of awards for art-related sites. Rating AS! 2.5
  • Beacon Awards
    Recognizing non-commercial sites which provide positive content and valuable resources. Features four levels plus site-of-the-year award. Rating: AS! 4.5, WA 10
  • Beehive Awards
    Comprehensive program for general Web excellence focused on useful content. Separate awards for sites based in South Central Indiana, the State of Indiana and all others beyond the state. Rating: AS! 5.0+, WTA, WA 10.3 (Retired)
  • BigEye Award Program
    Three-tiered program plus an annual award. Winners based on innovative design, interesting content, easy navigation, and quick load time. Rated AS! 4.5
  • BT Design Awards
    Rewarding sites with educational and resource value. Six individual awards are available, including three for general excellence plus art, music and movies. Ratings: AS! 5.0, WTA
  • Chrysallis Awards
    Competitive awards honoring examples of Web presence at its best. Selects and promotes First, Second, Third, and Fourth Place winners on a quarterly basis. Rating: AS! 4.5
  • Circus World Awards
    Five levels for overall excellence, including Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit plus a Designer award for non-English websites. Detailed criteria, self test and resources. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA
  • Comedy Zone Cool Site Awards
    Multiple awards are available for well-designed sites with entertaining content. Rating: AS! 3.0
  • Copacabana Runners Heart & Soul Award
    Program based in Brazil that recognizes the achievements of webmasters who put Heart and Soul into their sites. English and Portuguese language sites may apply. Rating: AS! 4.0 (Retired)
  • CPSnet Web Awards
    Offers three awards, the High In The Sky, the Aracnofilia Web Design and the Best Site of the Year. Program intends to reward web sites that excel in content and design. Detailed criteria can be found at the program. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA
  • Critics Choice Awards
    Recognition for sites that demonstrate a high caliber of proficiency in content, graphic art, and value to society. Contains detailed criteria and tutorials. Rating: AS! 5.0 (retired)
  • D N A, Awards Program
    Award program based on artistic criteria. Detailed criteria can be found at the program. Rating AS! 3.5, WA 10
  • Dawggone Communications Awards
    Web site and personal awards for good web site, upbeat web site, positive influence, and trivia web site. Rating AS! 2.5
  • The DRH Design Award
    Offers award for individuals or groups that exhibit creativity in overall design, content, functionality, and appeal. Rating: AS! 3.5.
  • 4 Elements Award
    Awards for excellence in graphics, art, content and/or design. Multiple levels with individual criteria for each. Rating: AS! 4.5, UWSAG 5, WA 10
  • The FarLand Music Site Award
    Three levels honor sites featuring the work of composers, songwriters and bands. Requires original compositions in downloadable or streaming audio formats. Rated AS! 3.0
  • Farvardyn Awards Program
    Four level awards that are specifically dedicated to sites with content related to Science, Social Science, Arts, and Humanity. Rating: AS! 4.0
  • Favourite Website Awards
    Program focused on cutting-edge technology and creativity. Applicants must feature original content. Rating: WTA.
  • Future Antiquities Website Awards
    Website awards presented to sites that can last the ages. Offered resources include tutorials, articles and links of interest to both award givers and award seekers. Rating: AS! 4.5
  • Geetha's Web Design Awards
    Offers four levels of awards for superior design. Site also contains webmaster resources. Rating: AS! 5.0 (Retired)
  • JeM of the Net Awards
    Design and Content awards on offer to acknowledge web excellence. Free award graphics, resources and award community live chat room available on site. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA
  • JerryD's Music Site Award Program
    Offers seven awards, including a general one with three levels along with others for design, content, flash, award sites, non-English, and music based websites. Rating AS! 4.5
  • Korea Award
    Three levels for quality of content with style plus a site-of-the-year award. Offers free graphics and other resources including information about Korea. Rated: AS! 4.0, WA 10*, UWSAG 5, EAI 4
  • Korea Orchid Award
    Three levels to recognize sites that combine imagination, creativity, graphic layout and useful content to educate or entertain. Includes detailed criteria, self-test and winners list. Rated: AS! 4.5, WA 10, UWSAG 4, EAI 4
  • Ladder54 Website Awards
    Seven-tiered program for general excellence in design and content and separate categories for firefighting and related content. Rating: AS! 3.0.
  • Lakota Wolf Web Design Award
    Multiple awards based on design and navigation. Includes specific criteria and winners list. Rated: AS! 2.5
  • Learning Fountain Elite
    Award for commercial sites only that qualify under one of five categories and meet 6 separate criteria. Rating: AS! 5.0
  • Lone Star Site Design Award
    Offers three award levels for outstanding design, content and accessibility. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA (retired)
  • Maestro Awards of Excellence
    Program evaluates site excellence and presentation in a number of categories and subjects. Also includes tutorials, articles about awards and a free awards organizer. Rating: AS! 5.0+, WTA
  • Medals of Excellence
    Awards three levels to sites that display expertise in areas of informative and tasteful content, technology, design and navigation. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA
  • Mesweet's Award Site
    Offers four awards for exceptional site content. Scoring is based on a point system. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA
  • Nem5 Awards Program
    Awards are presented to Web sites displaying the highest standards of excellence in original design. Detailed criteria determine four award levels. 11 other individual category awards are also available. Rating: AS! 5.0+, WTA
  • O.N.Z.C.D.A?
    Internationally renowned program providing the evaluations of highly skilled staff. Applicants may achieve from Bronze through to monthly and annual awards. Rating AS! 5.0+, WTA
  • Pacoima Ranch Vision Award
    Single level based on general site excellence. Contains basic criteria and winners list. Rating: AS! 3.0.
  • PeaceWork Certified Sites
    Four levels of certification plus a merit award. Detailed criteria based on Web page design, content, aesthetics and ease of navigation. Rating: AS! 5.0+, WTA.
  • The Pill Award
    Recognizing webmasters of healthcare or educational related sites for presenting information that benefits colleagues, consumers, or both. Rating: AS! 4.0
  • Professional Flash and Web Design Awards Program
    Offers Supreme, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Criteria include stunning design, sense of balance, ease of navigation and site optimization. Rating AS! 3.0
  • Red Stag Awards
    Four levels of awards for personal and commercial sites. Detailed criteria for functionality, design and content with standardized scoring. Site also includes resources and tutorials. Rating: AS! 4.5 (retired)
  • Redneck Nature's Swamp Playground
    Award program hosted by Redneck Nature. Offers 4 awards for general excellence in design and content, plus a Site Of The Year award and two Seals Of Approval. Rating: AS! 3.5
  • Scoff an' Scuff Awards
    Multi-level program to showcase sites based on high quality content and presentation. Contains detailed criteria and a self-test. Rating: AS! 4.5
  • Sinapsis Award
    Award program that honors Web sites based on intellectual attitude. Winners are recognized for making the Web a more interesting place to visit. Awards presented in gold, silver and bronze. English and Spanish language sites are welcome. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA
  • Spider Award
    Program to recognize Web sites that achieve Top Ten ranking based on keywords with the major search engines. Rating: AS! 4.5.
  • StarSite Award
    Award program with few winners, focused on cutting-edge design and development. Detailed criteria on site includes a self-test. Rating: AS! 5.0+, WTA (Retired)
  • Surfers Choice Awards
    Fee-based program with multiple tiers. No submissions are accepted from GeoCities, Tripod, Angel Fire or domains that resolve to them. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA.
  • Surreal Awards
    Multi-level program for general site excellence and original design. Contains detailed criteria, graphics tutorial, and free original award graphics. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA (retired)
  • ThiatraCat Awards
    Three-tiered program for family-safe sites with minimal criteria. Rated: AS! 2.5
  • Tim's Spider Awards
    Award program with four levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit for talent and creativity. Rating AS! 3.5, WA 10, EAI 4, UWSAG 5
  • Valkyrie's Awards Program
    Offers 4 level awards for good design and great content. Detailed criteria on site. Rating: AS! 4.0.
  • Web Design Poet Award
    Awarding sites with unique designs and creative solutions. Contains basic criteria and nomination form. Rating: AS! 3.5
  • Webmaster Excellence Awards
    Awarding webmasters for excellence in one or more categories. Four award levels determined by detailed criteria. Rating: AS! 3.5.
  • WebTree Cool Site Award
    Three levels based on minimal criteria. Applicant sites must feature at least 5 pages of original content. Rated: WA 6.5, UWSAG 2.0
  • A Woman Is... Awards
    Offers awards to creative webmasters of personal sites only. Includes detailed criteria and self-test. Rating: AS! 3.0, UWSAG 3, WA 8.5
  • World of Knowledge Awards
    Features three levels plus an individual award for sites related to Atheism. Criteria based on content with strong educational or entertainment value. Rating: AS! 4.5 (Retired)
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