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  • Point Loma  
    Point Loma Nazarene University's gopher server. Splendid live links. Also featuring Veronica-2.
  • ANC Gopher
    Information about The African National Congress and South Africa (Cape Town, ZA).
  • Boombox
    The latest releases of gopher software (including client software) available via anonymous FTP.
  • Cadence Dance Project
    Gopher server of Cadence Dance Project. A contemporary ballet company located in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • CCAT
    Public archive at Center for Computer Analysis of Texts.
  • Debian GNU/Linux :: gopher
    Distributed hypertext client, gopher protocol
  • Debian GNU/Linux :: gopherd
    Information and downloads for the Debian package of the UMN Gopher server.
  • The Forg
    Graphical gopher client written using Python, Tkinter and Pmw. Written for Linux, but should work on Windows and Macintosh too.
  • GoFish
    a simple, fast, low resource usage gopher server.
  • Gopher Manifesto
    The Bring Back Gopher Campaign.
  • Heatdeath Gopher
    Private gopher server located in Victoria, B.C., CA.
  • Heatdeath Gopher Gateway
    Dig through gopherspace from the web.
  • Israel Information
    Service from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Moo Canada
    Gopher server written for Lambda Moos.
  • National Cancer Center
    Gopher system of NCC in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Providence Canadian Reformed Church
    Edmonton, Alberta. Denomination: Canadian and American Reformed Churches.
  • gopher
    Resource feeds; play Paranoia over gopher; information and photos for Transformer Scripture Union summer camp.
  • PyGopherd
    An advanced, powerful, multi-protocol gopher server written in Python. HTTP server, too!
  • PyGS
    Gopher server written in Python
  • QUUX
    John Goerzen's gopher server (
  • RFC 1436
    The Internet Gopher Protocol (a distributed document search and retrieval protocol).
  • Sean's Gopherspace
    Random collection of mainly humourous stuff.
  • University of Minnesota
    Mother of all gophers.
  • Veronica FAQ
    Common questions and answers about veronica, a title search and retrieval system for use with the Internet gopher.
  • Vladimir Lukyanov's gopher server
    Extensive gopher downloads, gopher fanatic stuff and some of his works.
  • Whole Earth Lectronic Links
    Extensive gopherspace located in Sausalito, California.
  • The World
    Public gopher server. Features OBI, the Online Book Initiative.
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