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  • About Netiquette
    Gives advice on manners and formatting in electronic communications, with an emphasis on email.
  • Dynamoo's Email Etiquette
    Offers a list of "Do's" and "Don'ts" to help e-mail users avoid basic mistakes.
  • Electronic Mail Etiquette
    Discusses the proper way in which to format and compose a message, as well as some suggestions regarding courtesy and emoticons.
  • E-mail Etiquette
    Provides guidelines dealing with quoting, smilies, salutations, digital signatures, privacy, abbreviations, flaming, and newsgroups.
  • Gullibility Virus Warning
    A spoof intended to educate new Internet users about thinking before forwarding virus hoaxes and urban legends.
  • How To: Send A Proper E-mail
    Gives several suggestions on how to format and compose a message.
  • Howto Use Signatures - Signature Etiquette
    Why signatures, signature etiquette rules, signatures nonos, dashes and examples.
  • Letís Put Some Humanity Into E-mail
    A few guidelines on the practice of good manners and courtesy.
  • Netiquette No Nos
    Six things not to do when sending email.
  • Online Netiquette Uncensored
    Provides blunt suggestions for correct online communications, especially in reference to e-mail.
  • Spam Is Not the Worst of It
    A personal discussion of common annoyances, ranging from bad spelling to chain letters and attachments.
  • Towards an Ethics and Etiquette for Electronic Mail
    Gives a general introduction to e-mail, and then offers guidelines for sending, receiving, and replying to messages.
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