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  • How Stuff Works: E-mail  
    Thorough description of how the Internet's e-mail system works, including SMTP and POP3.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Effective E-mail
    Write e-mail messages that will get noticed, read, properly understood, and responded to.
  • Composing E-mail Messages
    Explains the steps taken in composing, replying to, and sending messages.
  • Email Answers
    Questions and answers regarding corporate email, discussion of email management software, book reviews, and related links.
  • E-mail Disclaimers
    Legal aspects of e-mail disclaimers along with sample disclaimer statements, software, books and links.
  • E-mail Replies
    Tips on implementing mail policies, etiquette, rules and management software to improve the effectiveness of business communications.
  • E-mail Resources
    Tips and tricks, beginner's articles, software downloads, spam management, and general help. From
  • E-mail security tutorial
    "How to keep and tell secrets using e-mail" outlines e-mail security basics.
  • eMailman
    Coverage of all issues related to the usage of e-mail.
  • Flash Your E-mail
    Spice-up your messages with a Flash signature file.
  • How to Cope with too Much E-mail |
    Learn the cause of this problem and some possible solutions.
  • ibiz E-mail Tips
    General archive with tips and techniques relating to e-mail.
  • The Internet Help Desk
    Guides, documentation, and FAQs pertaining to mail programs, anonymous e-mail, netiquette, and basic Internet use.
  • Learn the Net: Harnessing E-mail
    Explains the features and usage of e-mail step by step. From Internet for Beginners.
  • LinuxStart: E-mail
    Directory containing links to information on a number of Linux E-mail Clients.
  • Managing Incoming Email
    Report explaining how users can cope with increasing amounts of e-mail. [PDF]
  • Managing the E-mail Explosion
    PC Magazine article, provides a list of tips and tricks for managing today's seemingly endless flow of e-mail.
  • Microsoft: All About E-mail
    Descriptions of e-mail clients, terminology, attachments, and security.
  • The Mutt E-Mail Client
    Documentation for this text-based mail client for Unix operating systems.
  • Northern Webs Beginners' Central
    Chapter 3 - Configuring e-mail and news readers software.
  • Pine Information Center
    Official web page for this Unix based mail program by Computing and Communications at the University of Washington.
  • The Tos and Froms of E-Mail
    Illustrates the parts of a message, discusses common mistakes, and highlights program features.
  • Webmonkey: HTML E-mail
    Learn all about HTML e-mail, the ability to send mail which is viewed as a web page.
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