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  • Cyberanthropology  
    Non-commercial resource dedicated to the anthropological study of cyberspace. Includes virtual seminars, an e-library, discussion groups, a course finder, a glossary, a calendar of activities, comics, and book reviews.
  • Edge  
    Promotes inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, and works for the intellectual and social achievement of society.
  • Barry Wellman
    Research by Barry Wellman and associates into social networks, social support, virtual community, computer networks as social networks
    Weird, wired, and wonderful links selected by a group of contributors.
  • CALT Encyclopedia
    A collection of resources related to the study of Virtual Communities. Approaches, technologies, and CMC.
  • Computers, the Internet and You
    Information on how the Internet has allowed everyday people to explore their passions and interests.
  • Contact Consortium
    The first global organization focused on inhabited virtual spaces on the Internet. These spaces are shared in real time by thousands of users and represent a new frontier in the experience of cyberspace.
  • Cyber Behavior Research Center
    Research center with information on the interface between human behavior and new technology, especially the web.
  • CyberPunk
    A LiveJournal community. Rivet boys and rivet girls rant and moan about technology, music, conspiracies, art, and design.
  • Cyberspace
    Contains various links to topics related to cyberspace.
  • The Dog Museum
    Research site that is primarily concerned with how humor and humanity are conveyed online.
  • Economic TeleDevelopment Forum
    Dialogue and collaboration with leaders of other communities that are embracing the concept of smart cities or smart communities.
  • e-generation
    A public service from BEA dedicated to documenting the e-generation through its autobiographical stories.
  • e-vangelism
    Teach uses of the Internet for Christian evangelism.
  • ExpoDream
    A cyber expo-center for people interested in exhibiting and sharing their dreams.
  • FInley's Articles
    A collection of articles by Michael Finley and others on cyberspace and cyberculture.
  • Foundation for Digital Culture
    A non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and support digital culture and art on-line.
  • Identity and gender in cyberspace
    The Synthetic Environment is used to describe a setting where any electronic cue to the persons identity is entirely under their own control.
  • Inhabiting the Virtual City: The Design of Social Environments for Electronic Communities
    Doctoral dissertation examining the design of online social environments.
  • The Lost Library of MOO
    Reconstructed version of the old MOO/MU* document library.
  • Need To Know
    Britain's most sarcastic high-tech weekly newsletter.
  • Net Culture
    Information on online communities, personal pages, information on hackers and cyber-liberties, and examination the nature of online life and identity.
  • NetRants
    Views and opinions on the latest Internet issues. New rants appear about every 2 months.
  • NeuroMancer
    An in depth look at William Gibson, Cyberpunk as a subculture, and Technology.
  • News: Lazy Guide to Net Culture
    Weekly column on Internet fads, tools, and trends.
  • Small Pieces Loosely Joined
    Official site of the book by David Weinberger. Includes the entire text of selected chapters, and reviews.
    Humorous articles and discussions on the daily basis.
  • Techne & Psyche
    Offers perspectives on the interrelationship of technology, psychology and culture.
  • The Virtual Community
    Online version of Howard Rheingold's book.
  • The WELL
    Online community known for engaging conversation and intelligent debate. Features more than 260 conferences ranging from technical and specific to abstract and surreal.
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