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  • SpamCop  
    Will help find the sender of a spam and an address to send a complaint to.
  • UXN Spam Combat  
    A collection of anti-spam tools and information.
  • Adcomplain
    A Perl script to automate spam complaints.
    Tips to help identify and report email abuse.
  • eMailTrackerPro
    Helps identify the true source of e-mails, to help identify and report spammers. Analyzes e-mail headers and provides the IP Address of the machine that sent the e-mail.
  • Fakemail: Identify Forged Emails
    How to identify if an email has been forged or spoofed using a fake mailer.
  • Fighting E-Mail Spammers
    Instructions for telling fake e-mail headers from real ones, and how to find the right person to complain to about spam.
  • Fighting Spam Article by OpioN
    Basic information on tracking source of spam.
  • How to Interpret Email Headers
    Instructions for interpreting e-mail headers.
  • How to read Email Headers
    Instructions for tracing e-mail headers to locate bulk email spammers and their ISPs.
  • iNetCheck
    Spam tracking tools
  • JMHO on Spam
    Resources for tracing and reporting spam.
  • net.demon
    Downloadable software to trace the sender of an e-mail and locate the spammer's real web site.
  • Reading Email Headers
    An in-depth analys Software tools for tracking spam.
  • Spam Delenda Est
    Steps for tracking spammers and getting their accounts revoked.
  • Spam Identifier
    Tools for identifying the source of spam and reporting it.
  • Spam Tracking Page
    Comprehensive collection of tools to help track spam.
  • SpamFilter: Report Spam Plugin
    SpamFilter quickly tracks spam source and easily helps send complaints.
  • The Spamhaus Project
    Tracks known Spam Support Services and lists the ISPs who keep organized spamming alive; includes news, block list and ROKSO, the Register Of Known Spam Operations.
  • The SPAM-L FAQ - Tracking Spam
    Instructions for reading e-mail headers and complaining to the spammer's ISP.
  • SpamX - Blocking, Tracking and Reporting
    Effective software to help block and report the sending of spam. Works with existing POP3 email account(s) and runs on Mac or Windows computers.
  • Stop Spam FAQ
    How to find a spammer and how to respond to spam.
  • Stopping Email Spam
    Instructions for sending complaints to ISPs about spam.
  • What to do about Unwanted/Offensive Email
    Explains in detail how to track and complain about spam.
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