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  • Ban The Spam
    Telecommunications Research and Action Center (TRAC), the nation's oldest and largest telecommunications consumer group.
    Fight Spam in Australia [CAUCE Partner]
    Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email - the preeminent anti-spam group.
  • CAUCE India
    Stopping spam in India.
  • EuroCAUCE Homepage
    CAUCE partner in EU.
  • Freedom's Army
    Organization working to eliminate blocking of a particular netblock.
  • JamSpam
    An industry-wide initiative to take action against spam. Information about meetings and list of participants.
  • The Lumber Cartel
    The mythical Lumber Cartel (There Is No Lumber Cartel) helps the email spam fighters to rid the Internet of junk email spam.
  • Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS)
    MAPS maintains the Realtime Blackhole List.
  • National Spam Mail Abuse Association
    Working to free inboxes of spam. Find news, tools, resources and contact information.
    Maintains a global Do Not Contact List which contains the names, addresses, phone/fax numbers, and emails of individuals and families who do not want to receive unsolicited offers or promotions.
  • Spam.Anti!
    Organization that fights SPAM and offers SPAM-fighting techniques. Both in French and in English since 1996.
  • SpamCon Foundation
    Supports measures to reduce spam. Newsletters, mission statement, and history.
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