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  • The Adventures of Wendy Willcox and her dog Willis
    It shouldn't take too long to get a Nigerian 419 advance fee scam e-mail. Then the goal is to get the spammer to go to the airport, and hotel, as many times as possible.
  • Are you a spammer?
    Take this quiz to see if you are a spammer.
  • Bernard Shifman is a Moron Spammer
    Details an exchange of emails from a spammer to an anti-spam advocate.
  • Conversations with a Nigerian Bank Scammer
    Karl Mamer, a columnist for the Toronto Sun, explains how the Nigerian bank scam works. And then, because he's bored, attempts to waste the spammers' time.
  • Dear Spammer
    An open letter to all spammers about fake emails and bulk email software
  • Fun with Scammers
    Humorous extended e-mail exchange between Dr. Abed Solomon (Nigerian Scammer) and Zach.
  • The Graham Douglas Fraud Masterclass
    A Nigerian con man is led down the garden path by his intended victim.
  • One-Hundred and One Things to do with a Spammer
    Satirical list of ways to get revenge on spammers.
  • P. T. Barnstormer's Internet Sideshow
    Posts and ridicules humorous spam attempts.
  • Random Spam Generator
    Sentences generated from core data of real spam.
  • SatireWire | The First Annual Poetry Spam
    Poetry written using phrases from spam e-mail
  • Send Me Some Spam
    Satirical song written about spam.
  • Send Us Spam
    The only web site on the planet that wants your spam and other unsolicited, bulk, or junk email.
  • Solidaridad Con Brian
    A famous hoax email translated into many different languages.
  • The Spam Avenger
    Offers audio samples of phone calls to spammers and a possibility to buy a CD.
  • Spam Flames
    A repository of flammage generated by spammers - generally speaking, their spittle-inflected reaction to being called onto the carpet. Submissions welcome.
  • Spammorpher
    Takes spam message and replaces key words with amusing results.
  • The Weekly Spam Report
    A humorous weekly commentary on spam floating around the net.
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