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  • Activator Mail
    Virus scanning and spam prevention based on blacklists and user feedback.
  • Anti Spam Software
    "Spam Agent" software offers content based filters for spam filtering in both home and corporate environments.
  • Anti Spam Software
    Provides anti spam software with server based email and web security features, email and spam filtering software for Network Administrators.
  • AppRiver
    Filtering solutions for Novell GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Atqui Spam Filter
    Filters spam email from current e-mail address of user.
  • Bob's Spam Filter
    How to set up an effective spam filter with procmail.
  • Brightmail Inc.
    Provides advanced technologies and solutions to enhance the capabilities and manageability of e-mail.
  • CleanMyMailbox
    ASP-based anti-spam service. No software to install. Mailbox automatically "cleaned" of unwanted email multiple times per hour.
  • CruelMail
    Provides spam-proof email accounts. Only allows email from addresses in whitelist. Charges a fee for others to reach the customer's mailbox.
  • Despammed
    A free e-mail forwarding and spam filtration service.
  • Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse
    System of clients and servers that collect and count checksums of email messages in order to detect and filter bulk UCE.
  • Email Filtering
    Fully managed service which filters viruses, worms and malicious macros and spam.
  • E-Mail Magician
    Automates filter, mailbox, and nickname creation for Eudora Macintosh. Filters on more than 1,000 spam characteristics.
  • E-Mail Preference Service
    Consumer opt out registration form for the Direct Marketing Association.
  • FrontBridge
    Enterprise level email protection and message management services.
  • Habeas
    Free to individuals. Fights spam by putting a copyrighted haiku in the header that is only licenced (for a fee) to bulk mailers who respect codes of practice. This enables the identification of spam.
    Server-based system offering challenge/response system for anyone's POP account. Offers spam news and signup information.
  • Mail Circuit
    A web-based e-mail provider filtering spam and only allowing messages from trusted senders.
  • Mailshell
    Offers protection against spam, combined with personalization and privacy for individual email users.
  • POPFile
    Open source automatic mail classification tool using Bayesian statistical methods. Offers details about installation and configuration procedures for the windows client.
  • Singlefin
    E-mail filtering services. Provides spam filtering, anti-virus protection, attachment blocking, policy filtering, store and forwarding service, as well as detailed reporting.
  • Spam Arrest, LLC
    POP3 service that blocks spam using sender verification methods.
  • Spam Cop
    Spam reporting service.
  • Spam Filtering Software
    Content based spam filtering software.
  • Spam Gourmet
    Provides disposable e-mail addresses. Users can also set up rule sets for trusted or permitted senders.
  • Spam Hole
    Prvides free, anonymous, temporary e-mail forwarding addresses. These addresses can be created on the fly. You decide how long the address lasts.
  • Spam Interceptor
    Anti-spam software utilizing a combination of filters and a human only authentication system.
  • Spam Resistor
    A service that stops unwanted email by verifying senders addresses against a whitelist of friends.
  • Spamache
    Web based spam filtering service. Checks POP accounts every 10 minutes and removes spam based on filtering rules as well as personal white & black lists.
  • SpamAssassin
    A mail filter, written in Perl, to identify spam using a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text. Free software. Can be used as a standalone mail filter, or from procmail.
  • SpamButcher
    Fuzzy-logic based anti-spam filter for Windows systems.
    Server based email filtering service. Requires the sender to reply to a verification message.
  • Spamster
    Spam and virus filtering software
  • SpamStopsHere
    An email filtering service for businesses or individual domains. 30 day trial offered.
  • Stop The Spam
    Commercial filters for spam reduction.
  • Tmicha.Net: Spam-Free Forwarding Address
    Provides spam-free forwarding account filtered with ORDB and SpamCop service.
  • Vipul's Razor
    Collaborative spam filtering network allowing users to report and filter out matching spam.
  • WhiteICE
    Provides filtered web-based e-mail accounts and web space.
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