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  • ip4r (DNSBL-style) DNS lookups
      List, in table form, of blacklists. Includes table with the name of the blacklists, their lookup domains, the IP that is returned in case of a match and a description.
  • OpenRBL DNS Lookup
      Enter an IP address or a hostname to find out which blacklists (if any) list it.
  • The Abusive Hosts Blocking List (AHBL) - Publishes a list of known abusive hosts (open relays, open proxies, spam sources, DoS drones, and more) in various forms including a DNSbl.
  • AntiSpam DNSBL
    Identifies spam sources - whether intentional or not - at the time they are sending spam. Not before and not after.
  • Better Ethics Online
    Publishes black list of spammers and seeks to promote online ethics.
    Publishing a variety of DNS blocklists including entire countries and ISP's.
  • Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
    To curb inappropriate advertising on usenet newsgroups and via junk e-mail.
  • Blacklists Compared
    Weekly reports of DNS blacklists lookups of IP addresses (and reverse DNS lookups) that made SMTP connections to the San Diego Supercomputer Center on that week. Useful for getting a grasp of the size of the various blacklists. Maintained by Jeff Makey.
  • - Spam Blacklist
    As a public service, McFadden Associates maintains a free DNSBL blacklist. Anyone sending SPAM into their mail filters is automatically added for a period of thirty days.
  • Blitzed IRC Network (OPM.BLITZED.ORG)
    A dnsbl of open proxies (HTTP, Socks and wingate), populated by IRC connection scanners and spamtraps.
  • Chinese and Korean Net Blocks
    Lists IP blocks of China and Korea for those who want to avoid asian spam.
  • Clueless Mailers
    Offers background information on the worst of the new Internet abusers.
  • Composite Blocking List (CBL)
    The CBL is a DNSBL which takes its source data from very large spamtraps, and lists IPs of open proxies and worms/viruses.
  • Distributed Server Boycott List ( This list contains email servers which are non-secure and potentially servers with dumb and/or malicious users. It is purely composed of data DSBL receives; DSBL should never send out data by itself.
  • DNS Real-time Black List (DNSRBL)
    DNSRBL publishes, via DNS, a list of IP addresses that are either direct SPAM sources or Dial-up (dynamic address) pools which wold never be a source of non-SPAM eMail.
  • The DNSBL
    An IP-to-country DNS mapping service so you can choose to block a specific country or countries.
  • Drbcheck: Dr. J?rgen Mash's DNS Database List Checker
    Lists all DNSbl's (RBL's) and enables users to make a query against all the lists.
  • Easynet Nederland ( Spamlists (easynet Nederland), formerly Wirehub! Internet, publishes several blacklists: Spamlist, Dynablock dial-up database, Blackholes spam source database, Open proxy database and Spam Domain RHSBL.
  • Electric Eye Ultimate Banned List
    A manually updated and verified online database of spammers. Provides email address and domain blocklist.
  • Fabel - Relaytest
    List of open relays. Only one kind of test is done to see if the mail is relayed or not.
  • Five Ten - Local Black Holes
    Blacklist that includes dialup equivalent ip addresses, individual spam sources, netblocks that refse to remove spammers, bulk mailers that don't require confirmed opt-in, output servers from multi-stage open relay chains and single stage open relays not listed on ORBZ.
  • Known Spammers List
    List of emails and addresses of persons or organizations known to spam.
  • MailPolice RHS-BL
    RHS-style lists of domains which have sent spam to MailPolice customers. Currently divided into two lists, bulk senders - domains associated with bulk mail - and pornography - domains associated with sending and hosting pornographic content.
  • MAPS Dial-up User List (DUL)
    An IP blacklist of dialup-using "stealth" spammers and email trespassers.
  • MAPS Realtime Blackhole List (RBL)
    Lists email sites which have refused to limit their relaying, leaving the potential for their use as spam gateways.
  • MAPS Relay Spam Stopper (RSS)
    The RSS is a list of email relays which have been used to send spam, for use in blocking spam by blocking mail which have gone through those sites.
  • Not Just Another BlackList (NJABL.ORG)
    Spam blocking blacklist of open relays, dial-ups, and direct spam sources.
  • Open Relay Check
    Known open relay list.
  • Open Relay Database (ORDB)
    A validated database of mail servers that permit third-party relay. Also in Francais, Nederlands and Dansk.
  • RBL-Type Services
    A listing of sites offering spam-related filter / blackhole lists.
    Blacklist of open relaying mail servers that have recently transmitted spam.
    The home for domains who don't play by the rules. A number of lists (at present "dsn", "abuse", "postmaster", "whois" and "ipwhois") which contain domains or IP networks whose administrators choose not to obey the RFC's, the building block "rules" of the net.
  • The South Korea Blocking List
    Blocking list to filter out Korean spam.
  • Spam & Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS)
    Lists Open Relays and Open Proxies (Open HTTP Proxy Servers and Open SOCKS Proxy Servers). SORBS only scans a host when it attempts to send mail to one of the feeder servers.
    Lists open proxies. An open proxy of one kind or another is bad because spammers may use it to send out massive amounts of unsolicited bulk e-mail spam.
  • Spam Prevention Early Warning System (SPEWS)
    SPEWS maintains a list of known spam sources and spam friendly hosts so that e-mail can be rejected from these problem sites.
  • Spam Support Permanent Blocklist
    A permanent blocklist of spam supporting web hosts and ISPs.
  • Spambag of the Month
    Makes examples of people who feel the need to send unsolicited emails. Sample emails and follow-up information.
    Personal (DNSBL) list of abusive networks that the author blocks from sending mail or accessing his web servers.
  • SpamCop - Blocking List Information
    This list contains IP addresses which have been reported to SpamCop as carriers of spam (source of e-mail or verified, open relay). Some of these reports now come from spamtraps (email addresses used strictly to receive spam).
  • Spamerang
    A call for all internet users to turn the spammers' own email addresses into spam bait.
  • Spamhaus Block List (SBL)
    All IPs on the SBL belong to known spammers, spam gangs, or spam support services. The SBL includes IPs from both the ROKSO database and IPs of spam services listed in the Spamhaus database.
  • The Spamhaus Project Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO)
    The Spamhaus Project's Register Of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) Database. ROKSO collates evidence on known hard-line spam outfits that have been thrown off Internet Service Providers over three times.
  • Spamware Vendor List
    List of live spamware sites and related links.
    List of known bulk email software regarded as Spamware.
  • Vox - DNSBL Designed to Aleviate Spam -
    Vox is a DNSBL based of received email headers along with frequency on the network of sites.
  • (eXtreme spam Blocking List) Providers that let users spam,, and other spamtraps and ignore reports, host spamvertized pages or pages selling spamware get listed. Using risks missing a lot of legitimate e-mail.
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