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  • Address Munging Considered Harmful
    A paper arguing against the practice of spam-blocking on Usenet by using an altered email address.
  • Al Iverson's
    Collection of articles written by a former employee of MAPS.
  • Alleee and Franc's Insolitology
    A description of Nigerian scams (also called 419 scams), with images and links.
  • E-mail Marketing Articles
    Articles about how e-mail marketers can avoid spamming.
  • How Bulk E-mail Can Destroy Your Small Business
    An editorial on the negative effects of sending spam.
  • How to Advertise Responsibly Using E-mail and Newsgroups
    Article about how businesses can advertise without spamming.
  • Information Filtering Resources
    Papers about and links to projects about ways of filtering electronic information.
  • Outlook SPAM Tutorial
    Tutorial to provide easy way to filter your unwanted junk email in Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • Slashdot - Distributed Spam Detection
    Threaded discussion of spam detection systems and the razor p2p system specifically.
  • Spam, Lies and Fake Reporters
    Describes the tactics of Opt In Inc. and the president of Opt In Inc., Charles "Steve" Hardigree.
  • Spam v. Profit
    An e-mail marketer argues that ISPs can profit from e-mail marketing if it is done responsibly.
  • Unsolicited Bulk Email: Definitions and Problems
    This report discusses the costs of spam.
  • Unsolicited Bulk Email: Mechanisms for Control
    This report by the Internet Mail Consortium discusses a variety of filtering mechanisms.
  • Why Spam Is Bad
    A collection of links to help show Internet marketers why spam is harmful to their business and to provide some alternative means of responsible marketing.
  • - 3 Web Sites Closed in Spam Inquiry
    Three companies using email to solicit the sale of nonexistent web addresses have been ordered to close their web businesses. [required free registration to view] (March 12, 2002)
  • How the UK Can Stop Spam Without Damaging Free Speech
    Suggested non-extraterritorial UK legislation that would stop spam globally. (November, 2001)
  • On Spam: Wasting time on the Internet
    Bill Gates gives his views on spam. (March 25, 1998)
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