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  • Fight Spam on the Internet  
    Laws, anti-spam information, and links to other resources.
    Instructions for tracing e-mail and filtering.
  • Anti-Spamming Act
    List of contact information of spammers
  • Anti-UBE/UCE Page
    Tips and resource links to help fight spam.
  • As The Spamhaus Turns
    Profile of prolific spammer Tom Cowles, Empire Towers, Leverage Communications
  • Behind Enemy Lines
    An account of one individual's fight against a group of spammers.
  • The Campaign to Stop Junk Email
    Strategies and tactics to deal with and prevent junk e-mail.
  • ChooseYourMail
    Forwards spam to federal authorities and provides tips for preventing spam.
  • Cost Those Spammers Money
    Toll-free phone numbers of spammers.
  • Curt West
    Description of spam, contact information for some ISPs, and free e-mail.
  • Dave's Anti-Spam Page
    Spam Statistics, links to tools and other anti-spam sites
  • Deadbeats' Hall of Lame
    Lists spammers who sent e-mail (at least twice) to the webmaster of this site.
  • Death to Spam
    Techniques to deal with unwanted e-mail
  • Hates Spam
    Some information, statistics, and case files in dealing with a select group of spammers.
  • Direct Marketing Association E-Mail Preference Service
    Allows consumers to indicate that they wish to reduce the amount of unsolicited commercial e-mail, or spam, that they receive.
  • Dougal's War Against Spam
    Links, tools, and philosophy about fighting spam.
  • - White Paper : The Classification of Search Engine Spam
    Detailed guide to search engine spam.
  • Elsop's Anti-Spam Page
    Links to anti-spam sites and legislation.
  • The Email Abuse FAQ
    Information on spam, including how and to whom to respond.
  • E-Mail Spamming Countermeasures
    General information on preventing and filtering spam.
  • Exposing Spammers: The Anti-Terry Brown Page
    Details an individual's experience with e-mail spam and cyberstalking. Also includes anti-spam and anti-stalking links.
  • Fight Spam Message Board
    Place to share tips and vent frustrations.
  • Get the Spammers
    Contact information for some spammers.
  • Historical Spam Museum and Archive
    Collects and preserves spam on the remote chance that it may be of value to future net.archaeologists.
  • How To Fight Spam
    A collection of links and tools to assist in the fight against spam.
  • Junk E-mail and Spam
    Information on deciphering spam, complaining about it, and filtering e-mail.
  • Junkbusters Junk Email Headlines
    Information about preventing and tracking spam and overview of spam laws.
  • Lambic House Anti Spam pages
    Some advice on dealing with unwanted spam, some spam haiku, and the spammy quotes archive
  • Limiting Unsolicited Bulk Email
    Anti-spam resources include papers examining the problem of bulk e-mail and links to other organizations.
  • ScamBuster's Stop Spam
    Editors of Internet ScamBusters present tips and resources to reduce spam.
  • Spam and the world will Spam with you
    Argues that spam is not a problem and should be promoted.
  • Spam Conference
    Held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A. Site includes news, abstracts and webcasts of talks, and schedule.
  • Spam Fighting Tips, Tricks and Secrets
    Dealing with unsolicited email messages.
  • The Spam Letters
    Replies to spam, organized by category.
  • Spam Links
    Organized collection of links all about unsolicited bulk email (spam).
  • Spam, Scams and Relevant Resources
    Links to resources on preventing and tracking spam.
  • Spam statistics
    Spam statistics from one person's mailbox.
  • The Spam Tools Mailing List
    List for developers of tools to prevent spam.
  • Spam (Unsolicited Bulk Email), Antispam, and Related Matters
    Data on and analysis of spamfighting-related matters.
    Database of known spam to be used for testing, developing, and benchmarking anti-spam tools. Accepts user contributions.
  • Spam-l
    Spam-related mailing list.
  • spamNEWS - ISP Complaint Addresses
    Contact information for many major ISP's, as well as an indication of how spam-friendly they are.
  • Spamradio
    Turns junk email into streaming audio broadcast.
  • Stop Messenger Spam
    Software to stop messenger spam and Windows pop-up spam. Tutorials on how to manually disable messenger spam are also available.
  • Stop Spam
    A collection of resources to fight spam.
  • Stop Spam Now
    A collection of links to other anti-spam websites.
  • Stop Spam Now
    Introduction of an anti-spam e-book about how to recognize and filter spam.
  • The Story of "Nadine" -- A Tale of Mailing Lists
    Account of what happened after an Internet user accidentally gave a wrong email address when she visited a web page and signed up for a sweepstakes.
  • That Pesky and Obnoxious Spam
    Witches against spam. Article about spam laws.
  • Unsolicited E-Mail (SPAM) Issues
    Links to anti-spam tools and resources.
  • What is Spam?
    Answers your questions on why spam is bad and how to stop it.
  • Yahoo Anti-spam Club
    A Yahoo Club for the anti-spam community. Publicly-viewable group discussion, news and links
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