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Technical Evaluations and Product Reviews

  • A1 Electronics
    Independent reviews of computer hardware and technology including motherboards, CPU's, graphics cards and related items.
    Industry coverage for casual PC gamers and hardcore technophiles.
  • Ace's Hardware
    Previews of the newest processors of AMD, Intel, Cyrix, IDTof the newest hardware, tips to optimize your PC, insight in the computer industry. Buyers guide for CPUs and videocards, new overclocking tips.
    Reviews, tests and comparison of hardware products.
  • Anandtech Hardware Reviews
    Independent hands-on reviews of computer hardware such as motherboards, graphic cards, and CPUs.
  • Ars Technica
    The PC enthusiast's resource.
  • ASE Labs
    News and reviews for computers.
  • Aware Magagazin
    Proposes reviews of hardware, software and consumer electronics products.
  • BoogleTech
    Reviews computer hardware with articles and guides on PCs and Hardware in general.
  • BX Board Reviews
    Dedicated to Intel BX chipset motherboards and peripherals, plus overclocking and hardware reviews.
  • CD-RW Central
    News and reviews on CD-RW and DVD recorders and mastering software.
  • Chip Architect
    Architecture reviews of the latest micro processors.
  • Club Overclocker
    Hardware news plus tips and tricks to overclock CPUs. Archived reviews available. Also Club OC AMD pages for AMD processors and reviews.
  • CNET
    Reviews and editor's picks from CNet.
  • CompInfo
    Product reviews section provides numerous current links to evaluations and reviews.
  • Computer Reviews
    Frequently updated and annotated links to the best computer hardware sites on the Net, as well as a collection of information-packed feature articles about computer hardware. From
    Forum for hardware problems and software.
    Computer hardware news and reviews.
    Computers, cell phones, MP3 Player, printers, scanners and other peripherals reviewed and rated by unbiased users.
  • Coolcomputing
    Hardware news, performance issues, reviews, tips, software and game reviews.
  • The CPU Scorecard
    A comparative price/performance listing of all Intel, AMD, Cyrix, and competitive CPUs -- with news, views, and pricing for your next CPU or computer upgrade.
  • Dan's Data
    PC hardware reviews, tutorials, and reprints of Daniel Rutter's Step By Step column. Based in Sydney, Australia.
    Resource for graphics professionals and enthusiasts to research new and upcoming technologies.
  • DeviantPC
    Hardware news, reviews, articles, and forums.
  • Dux Computer Digest
    A digest of PC hardware and software reviews, and how-to articles, and trouble-shooting tips from the unique perspective of an operational computer repair shop.
  • EXHardware
    Hardware, news, reviews, overclocking and tweaking.
    Deep technology content. Tutorials, discussion and analysis of core and emerging computing technology. From Ziff Davis Media.
  • 2FastCPU Computer News
    Detailed hardware reviews and news about the latest computer technology.
  • Forum OC
    Technology reviews, forums and in depth news stories on overlocking, case mods, and computer hardware.
  • FrostyTech
    Looking at cooling, hardware reviews, memory, networking tips and tricks.
  • HardData
    Hardware reviews, overclocking, articles, tweaking, and how to's.
  • Hardware Analysis
    Computer hardware news, reviews and editorials.
  • Hardware Avenue
    Computer hardware reviews, news and articles.
  • The Hardware Corner
    The latest news, reviews and guides in IT and overclocking tips.
  • Hardware Extreme
    Offers hardware focused reviews, news and forums.
  • Hardware One
    Resource for technological news, user product reviews and after hours game tidbits.
  • HardwareCentral
    Technical computer hardware product reviews including: motherboards, CPUs, memory chips, and video cards.
    Hardware reviews of computers and components.
  • Hardwaremania
    Offers hardware reviews, editorials and forums.
  • HardwareZone
    Latest I.T. news, reviews and price lists for Singapore.
    The latest hardware reviews and articles.
    Hardware news and reviews.
    Computer modifications and hardware reviews.
  • Hoslap
    Hardware operating systems, software labs and previews.
  • InfoHQ Computer Buying Advice
    Computer news and rumors, tech information and help, and advice on buying and upgrading laptop and desktop computers. Extensive coverage of current and future CPUs.
    News, reviews, downloads and articles.
  • IT Reviews
    Independent reviews by professional journalists. A UK web site for independent reviews by professional journalists. Reviews for hardware, software, games, and I.T.-related books.
  • Kenn's Hardware
    Hardware news and reviews.
    Hardware, software and gaming news.
  • Legion Hardware's Review Site
    The latest hardware reviews and news.
  • LittleWhiteDog.Co
    Hardware reviews and guides.
  • LostCircuits
    Hardware reviews, motherboards, cpus, and video cards - unbiased opinions, bulletin board.
  • MacReviewZone
    Index listing of all online Macintosh related hardware and software reviews plus interesting articles and monthly contest
  • MacSpeedZone
    Macintosh hardware and software performance reviews and other related information.
  • Make It Simple
    Hardware, game, and technology news, reviews and tips.
  • MBReview
    Motherboard review database with forum.
  • The Meter
    The enthusiasts' yardstick for PC hardware.
  • Mikhailtech
    Computer hardware review, overclocking and cooling.
  • ModdingZone
    Site with hardware news and information about modding.
  • Monster-Hardware
    Featuring news, small reviews and editorials.
  • The Naked Review
    Source for reviews and information on hardware.
  • NeoSeeker
    Search engine that helps you find hardware and game reviews and resources such as hints, walkthroughs and guides from the top gaming and hardware sites on the net.
  • Networks United
    Hardware reviews, software downloads, tech-help, general discussions.
    Reviews and over clocking.
  • Next Dimension Hardware
    Computer hardware statistics and reviews.
  • NextGen Electronics
    The news, reviews and previews for the latest in technology, from video cards, to hard drives, to MP3 players.
  • Ninja Lane
    Hardware reviews, news and gaming related information.
  • OCAddiction
    PC hardware news and reviews.
  • OcPrices
    Computer hardware and gaming reviews plus news.
  • OCworkbench
    Hardware reviews with a focus on mainboards, graphics cards.
    Reviews, news, articles and editorials on computer hardware, software and games.
  • OtakuPC
    News and reviews for enthusiasts.
  • Overclockedcafe
    News, reviews, articles, and editorials encompassing computer hardware, software, gaming and operating systems.
  • Overclocker Cafe
    Computer hardware news and product reviews.
  • Overclockers
    Daily news, reviews and forums for the high-performance PC enthusiast.
  • OverclockersClub
    Hardware reviews, case modding guides, help forum, and the latest in tech news.
    Technical specifications and reviews on the latest hardware.
  • PC Abusers
    Reviews, reports, games and forums.
  • The PC AV Tech
    Technical reviews of HiFi equipment - recorders, players, equalizers, surround sound processors, preamps, DAC's, ADC's.
  • PC Extreme
    Case reviews and mods, hardware reviews, and tech news.
  • PC Extreme UK
    Reviews and articles on hardware, modding, overclocking and tweaking.
  • PC Hardware Romania
    Provides reviews, drivers, hardware, prices, advice, how-to, links, and benchmarking.
  • PC Mechanic
    The Internet guide to do-it-yourself computing.
  • PC World Online
    Printer page links to reviews of the top Hardware and Software.
    Linux hardware and software reviews and how-to's.
  • PC4D
    Hardware magazine.
    Reviews and overclocking.
    PC hardware news and reviews with case gallery and PC modification articles.
  • PlanetHardware
    Daily news and reviews on anything hardware related.
  • RadiativeNZ
    Hardware news, reviews and guides.
  • Overview of RDRAM
    Site contains technical benchmark and comparative analysis for RDRAM.
  • Rated PC
    News and reviews, overlocking tips and computer hardware.
  • Real World Technologies
    Computer hardware and technology.
  • The Review Zone Tech Toys Reviews
    Reviews cool tools for computing and fun. Includes Apple/Power Macintosh/iMac hardware and others.
    Reviews for the latest computer hardware, software and IT news. Performs comparative testing and benchmarking of various computer hardware.
    Computer reviews for smart PC purchasing.
    News postings, and articles on the latest video cards, plus downloads.
  • Romulus 2
    Centre for computer reviews, news and guides.
  • Silent PC Review
    Reviews, news and information.
  • Slautech Computer
    Hardware review site, and how to guides on modding.
  • Spode's Abode
    Hardware and overclocking news and reviews.
  • Storage Review
    Comprehensive benchmarks and reviews on ATA and SCSI Hard Drives, CD-ROMs, and removable storage devices along with storage-related news, links, forums, surveys, and comparisons.
    Hardware reviews and user-submitted reviews for motherboards, processors, graphics cards, sound cards, monitors.
  • Target PC
    Providing reviews on the latest computer hardware and electronics.
  • The Tech Handbook
    Help site with reviews and information.
    Technology-related projects, tutorials and news.
    Technical reviews and information.
    Daily updated news and product reviews including graphics cards, motherboards andsoundcards.
  • Techware Labs
    Reviews of the latest computer hardware and software, up to date industry news and active discussions.
  • TechWatch
    News on latest components, chips, and accessories.
  • Temple Of Technology
    News, reviews, editorials and guides on computer hardware.
  • Tom's Hardware Guide
    All kinds of technical product reviews including motherboards, CPUs, memory chips and video cards.
  • T?play Hardwar
    PC hardware reviews and information.
    A enthusiasts site providing drivers, reviews and useful information for users and owners of TV-cards.
  • Ultimate Hardware
    Reviews and benchmarks the latest PC hardware.
    Tech site for case mods and hardware reviews.
  • Upgrade Fever
    Computer news and reviews.
  • Van's Hardware Journal
    Reviews and analysis of the latest computer hardware.
  • VN Roundup
    Hardware, software, and technology news and reviews.
  • VR-Zone Hardware
    Latest PC news and technical reviews.
    PC related hardware and software news as well as reviews and guides.
  • Warranty Void
    Computer hardware news, reviews, overclocking, and case modding.
    News, reviews, articles, case gallery, guides and forum.
    Hardware, gaming and internet news and reviews.
  • Xtreme Pc Central
    Hardware reviews and user-submitted reviews for motherboards, processors, graphics cards, sound cards and monitors.
  • ZDNet UK Reviews
    Desktop PCs, notebooks, handhelds, printers, monitors and peripherals.
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