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  • Aarsys
    Provides design and construction of self service touch screen kiosks for delivery, department stores, restaurant and other B2C industries.
  • Abacus e-media
    Specialise in providing content management systems, portal development, web design and kiosk services.
  • Abuzz Technologies
    Australian company specialising in the design and manufacture of touchscreen information kiosk enclosures and software.
  • Acnodes Corp-Panel PC, Kiosks, touch screen
    Industrial control panel computer, including panel pc, Kiosk Panel PC, Panel mount pc, wall mount panel pc
  • Acolo
    Romanian provider of interactive multimedia touchscreen kiosks.
  • ADCO Corporation
    Products manufactured include telephone enclosures and accessories, interactive multimedia kiosks, drive-up and walk-up ATM enclosures, airport casework and millwork, and architectural structures.
  • Advanced Touch Screen Kiosks
    US manufacturer offers touch screen monitors and interactive kiosks.
  • Adxlink Inc.
    A manufacturer of kiosks and provides advertisement marketing solution with the MINK (Multimedia Interactive Network Kiosks) in US.
  • Affordable Kiosks
    Bargain deals on kiosks and related parts.
  • AISsystems
    Kiosk manufacturer - Italian head office.
  • Alcatraz Tension Development
    Swiss manufacture and distributor of internet vending-machine and surfpoint systems for use in public access with coin, money or code access vending.
    An online store for complete kiosks and kiosk components, division of Pierpoint-Martin of Hungtington Beach CA.
  • AM&D METALfx
    Northern California's leading kiosk manufacturer. Wood, Metal and Engineering skills.
  • Apunix
    Custom designed kiosk hardware and software solutions for the UNIX marketplace.
  • Asteres Inc.
    Manufactures automated inventory management and self-checkout machines.
    Computer phone handsets for IP telephony for home and business, Internet caf?s and kiosks.
  • Belview Technologies
    Manufactures kiosks, panel and booksize PC's, as well as touch screen monitors.
  • Caltron Industries, Inc.
    Supply electronic information display products.
  • catEye9
    Website of manufacturer of Surftable technology.
  • Ceroview
    Supply complete product line of touch screen CRT monitors, touch screen LCD monitors(Flatpanel), kiosk monitors, kiosk enclosures, kiosk software, and Card Readers.
  • Chioschi Multimediali MultiService
    Italian kiosk manufacturer and NetShift distributor.
  • Cityspace Urban Digital Networks
    Cityspace develop & operate urban digital networks (street kiosks) providing free news, Council information, email, transport & tourist info in 25 UK cities.
  • Closeout Kiosks
    Manufacturer and supplier of supplies, software, and components.
  • Companion Systems
    Designs and manufactures branded enclosures for interactive kiosk projects.
  • Compu-Data Electronics Ltd.
    Canadian integrator of touch screens and a reseller of POS terminals and assembled electronic components related to kiosk manufacture.
  • Compustation Inc
    Computer enclosures with NEMA 12 rating. Ruggedized for outdoor and harsh environments.
  • Convenient Internet
    St Louis, MO. internet kiosk provider.
  • Cyber Kiosk Solutions - Public Access Internet Kiosks
    Denver, CO. based kiosk specialists.
  • Cyberkiosks
    Provider of internet access and pc protection software and hardware.
  • Cyberlink Kiosk Systems
    South African designers and builders of public internet access kiosks and other net connected devices and appliances.
  • Cybersights
    Maryland supplier of kiosks for internet access, either to those physically using the kiosk or those using WiFi technology.
  • CyberTotems
    A full service kiosk manufacturer offering a wide range of standard and custom designed touchscreen kiosk solutions.
  • Data Asia Technology Ltd.
    Hong Kong distributor of touchscreen systems and kiosks.
  • Data Vision Europe Limited
    Coin and card operated Internet touch screen terminals for tough public access and e-media marketing applications.
  • Datasphere
    Integrated kiosks solutions including off the shelf kiosks, custom kiosk design and software.
  • Delphi International
    Offers full-service solutions and applications for retail commerce between sellers and buyers in public spaces such as retail stores, malls, and airports.
  • Directory Solutions
    Offers product information and pricing on touchscreen building directory systems. Includes sample photos of installation specifications.
  • Displaymate TouchScreens
    UK specialist manufacturer and worldwide exporter of interactive front and rear projection whiteboards and plasma overlays.
  • Dreamvisions
    Danish based supplier of Information Kiosks systems.
  • D-Wav
    Taiwanese maker of Touch Panel Controllers.
  • EasyCafe
    Internet Cafe machine management software.
  • Easysurf Networks Ltd.
    Cyprus internet kiosk company.
  • e-Box (UK) Ltd.
    Internet kiosk system from UK based company.
    European provider of software and hardware solutions for i-kiosks. Providing network management services, kiosk application development and hardware support.
  • Elo Touch Systems
    Developer, manufacturer, and marketer of touch screen and touch monitor products.
  • eMINK Inc.
    Provides Hardware / Software, Advertising Engine, Network Operation System, and other kiosk turnkey solutions.
  • End Point Communications
    Providing convenient high-speed internet access to the public through Cafe Net Kiosks. San Diego, USA based.
  • Envision Kiosks
    Canadian vendor of Internet kiosks to fit any budget.
  • Esar
    Worldwide internet kiosk solutions.
    European kiosk resource center.
  • Excel Trading
    Australian suppliers of high quality, custom made, coin operated Internet Kiosks.
  • First Impression 2000
    A Danish manufacturer of info kiosks in stainless steel, for public internet access and for exhibitions.
    Source for Internet vending, and turnkey kiosk solutions.
  • FMA Kiosks
    Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., has designed and produced interactive kiosks for many clients for nearly twenty years
  • Future Generation Kiosks.
    Presents interactive touchscreen kiosk systems for Internet applications, with point of sale facilities. UK based.
  • Generaltouch Corporation
    Specializes in the R&D, production and marketing of touchscreens.
  • H82 medientechnik Gmb
    - Austrian kiosk specialist.
  • Hansab
    Kiosk manufacturer also providing security and banking products.
  • HCL Peripherals
    Indian manufacturer of kiosks and other computer peripherals.
  • Healthnotes Retail Kiosks
    Deploys kiosks worldwide and provides health and lifestyle content for retail applications.
  • Horizon USA
    Custom kiosk design and manufacturing.
  • HTS
    A turn-key kiosk provider able to integrate all aspects of a kiosk project.
  • H&W
    Austrian manufacturers of terminals which are real-time WAN-based information systems using browser and touchscreen technologies.
  • IBM Kiosk Technology Services
    Provider of interactive multimedia touchscreen kiosks and interactive display systems. Kiosk consulting services, standard and custom cabinet enclosure, and remote monitoring services for deployed kiosks.
  • ICE Tech ltd.
    Manufactures and operates kiosk networks and provides a full turnkey service from hardware and software for companies entering the internet kiosk market. Based in Ireland.
  • Industrial Computers, Inc
    Manufacturer of kiosks, touchs screens, rack mount computer, industrial computer, and industrial thin client terminal.
  • Info Touch Technologies Corp.
    Manufactures, distributes and sells public Internet kiosk technology.
  • Inform Multimedia
    UK, North Yorkshire based design studio specialising in web solutions and new digital media. Distribute touch screen kiosk for First Impression.
  • Info-Studio
    Specializes in kiosks and interactive information systems in the Netherlands.
  • Intelligent Kiosk Company
    Solutions include scales, credit card readers, direct internet connections, and other tools for improved customer performance, as well as visual identification, thumbprint recognition and signature capture.
  • ITI Technologies
    Sells modernistic interactive lobby directory kiosks with touch screen and remote control.
  • I-touchsystems
    Belgian touchscreen kiosk manufacturer, worldwide shipping.
  • j2 Kiosks
    Provides custom kiosk and cybercafe solutions for user conferences, trade shows, retail or custom applications.
  • JPI Touch Screen Monitors
    Touch screen monitor kiosks and software.
  • K6 design group
    Wide range of kiosks and other point of purchase technologies both off the shelf and custom made. Full UK coverage.
  • KING Products and Solutions Inc.
    An advanced technology, innovation and integration company that offers multi-media solutions and services for public access to information, e-commerce and telecommunication.
  • Kios Solutions
    Indian suppliers of touch screen based interactive kiosks for a wide range of applications.
  • KioscoNet S.A.
    Network of public internet kiosks.
  • Kioscosnet
    Implements solutions for Internet kiosks.
  • The Kiosk Factory
    Manufacturers of custom designed interactive touch-screen kiosks and terminals for sports venues, entertainment facilities, educational, tourism, and museums. Based in Canada.
  • Kiosk Information Systems
    Kiosk Information Systems provides turnkey internet kiosks and custom solutions including hardware, enclosures, software and consulting. With over 100 years of combined experience we are ISO9001 and UL-listed certified. Internet, Wi-Fi Hotspots, Human resource and HR solutions are core competencies.
  • KIOSK Magazine Online
    Covers self-service, interactive, Internet, software, hardware, and much more about kiosk technology.
  • Kiosk Systems by Pay E Mail
    North Carolina pay to surf and email machine supplier.
  • KioskDNA
    Offers an enterprise software solution for companies wanting remote kiosk administration and kiosk content management.
    Offers a complete product line of touch screen CRT monitors, touch screen LCD monitors, kiosk monitors and enclosures, card readers and plasma displays.
  • KioskMedia
    Specializing in kiosks design and manufacturing, based in Singapore.
  • KioskNews.Org
    News and views about the kiosk industry.
  • Kiosks
    Czech producer of information and multimedia kiosks and touchscreen monitors.
  • Kiosks and Multimedia Corporation
    Touchscreen kiosks, turnkey or barebones.
  • Kiosks at WDC
    New Jersey based kiosk and ATM sales, installation, repair, maintenance and remote management company.
    Independent alliance of kiosk companies providing news, information, and current events about these public internet access terminals.
    Touch-sensitive kiosks and ATM equipment.
  • K-Line Systems, Inc.
    Specializes in equipping hospital lobbies and waiting rooms with Internet access Kiosks.
  • Kl?ssner IT-Dienstleistungen
    German kiosk company - site in German.
  • Kudos
    London based firm provides the platform and applications for kiosks, interactive terminals and media displays.
  • KWCC from KAL
    KWCC is a secure and robust web browser for self-service kiosks from simple internet surfing to transactional terminals.
  • Lava Technologies
    We offer complete OEM touchscreen solutions.
  • Livewire International, Inc.
    A kiosk solutions company based in York, PA which specialises in ticket sale solutions.
  • LNB Inc.
    Provides access control and payment systems for revenue capture, reporting, tracking, and more effective staff utilization.
  • Logina
    Presents turnkey multimedia interactive and internet kiosks and software solutions. Based in Slovenia.
  • 3M Touch Systems
    Manufacturers of capacitive and resistive touch sensors, touchscreens, controllers, touch monitors and software, and industrial computers, monitors and terminals. Incorporates Dynapro and MicroTouch Systems.
  • Madison Productions Inc.
    A muti-media firm which produces video, interactive kiosks, e-cards, web training, and web sites.
  • Magister Software S.R.L.
    First Romanian provider of interactive multimedia touchscreen kiosks ,internet kiosks ,software for touchscreens.
  • McM Systems
    stening Stations special designed for listening-preview of every CD or DVD from the retailers stock.
  • MercadoNet
    Offers interactive kiosk software from Costa Rica.
  • Meridian Kiosks
    Offers custom kiosk manufacturing and design with 24 hour monitoring and service.
  • Metakiosk - la borne interactive.
    French Kiosk Manufacturer.
  • Miller Technologies
    Supplier of small format LCDs from 1.8" and larger. Both NTSC video and VGA inputs available. Both modules and housed models available.
  • MontegoNet
    Provider of interactive touch screen kiosks - self-service terminals that are capable of delivering valuable information and services in a public setting by leveraging the dynamic content of the Internet.
  • Multilingual Information kiosks
    Indian company manufacturing touch screen based multilingual interactive information kiosks.
  • Music Browser
    POS interactive display network.
  • Myexpomail
    Internet Cybercafe kiosks and messaging solution for tradeshows conferences and corporate events.
    Provider of internet kiosks and digital entertainment solutions.
  • Navigo Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.
    Providers of turn-key touchscreen multimedia kiosk systems for hospitals, office buildings, libraries and universities.
  • Neo
    Greek internet kiosks (Netpoint) specialists.
  • NeoProducts
    A world leader in kiosks with operations in the UK and Australia. Since 1989 Neo has shipped over 30,000 touchscreen kiosks.
  • NetBooth Corporation
    Manufactures and deploys kiosks for all types of software applications. Las Vegas, USA based.
  • Netdock Corporation
    Missouri based supplier of public internet access terminals.
  • Netka
    Italian kiosk manufacturer with online sales.
  • Netkey
    Provider of internet kiosk solutions. Patented kiosk software; integration, deployment and monitoring, design and project services and kiosk hardware.
  • NetShift
    Supplier of solutions including hardware and software for internet kiosks, ATM's, Multimedia Payphones and self-service terminals.
  • NGS
    Italian kiosk manufacturer - english version of site.
  • noax Technologies
    manufacture robust industrial computer system HMI's (IPC) which are hermetically sealed.
  • Norm Bilgisayar
    Turkish kiosk Manufacturers and NetShift distributors.
  • Olea
    Kiosk design and manufacturing with more than 25 years of experience.
  • OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
    US manufacturer of kiosks for the self-storage industry.
  • PayKiosks
    Offers turnkey pay per use internet terminals for operators.
  • Performance Concepts
    Specializing in interactive multimedia solutions, touchscreens, kiosks, hardware and software development.
  • Pixio
    Oregon based supplier of interactive point-of-decision retail kiosks.
  • 5point - Fivepoint, LLC
    A complete interactive self-service and kiosk solutions provider from Ohio USA.
  • PowerCart
    Develops custom and standard battery-powered workstations for medical, industrial, retail, and kiosk applications.
  • Practical Automation
    Complete line of kiosk printers including those used by major Airlines for boarding passes.
  • PresTop
    Netherlands specialist in kiosks and information systems.
  • Promedia
    Features kiosks, software, and web development for business, government and hospitals. Provide Internet enabled cyber-kiosks with interactive touch screens.
  • Protech
    U.S. Manufacturer of industrial grade (NEMA 4)compact and durable outdoor kiosks, suitable for any software application.
  • Proteus Interactive Systems Ltd.
    UK based interactive kiosks and touchscreen solutions.
  • PublicDataWeb
    British suppliers of a total package for touch screen Public Access Kiosks. We include the hardware, the software and the business plan.
  • QCL
    UK provider of a wide range of touchscreen PCs and kiosks to a wide variety of markets.
  • Quarta TouchSystems
    Distributor of Elo TouchSystems in Russia. Offers touchscreens, touchmonitors, LCD-panels, information kiosks, complete with software and public browser for Internet kiosks.
  • Rittal Terminals
    German terminal manufacturer.
  • Rocky Mountain Multimedia
    Creates kiosk software and kiosk interface solutions. Off-the-shelf solutions as well as complete custom. Also offers prototype solutions with the required hardware and/or enclosure for your specifications.
  • Rosendahl
    Danish interactive industrial and custom kiosk hardware and software such as e- photo station and touch screen.
  • Scream
    UK based providers of web kiosks, total and part solutions inluding bespoke kiosk delivery.
  • SDS EASY Kiosk project
    Public access kiosks software and networks development.
  • See and Touch
    Belgian designer of kiosk enclosures, accessories, kiosk renting and multimedia applications.
  • SeePoint, Inc
    - Designs and manufactures panel PCs, internet kiosks, and touch screen terminals.
  • Sidrubrik
    Swedish kiosk manufacturers, Elo and NetShift distributors.
    Interactive Internet Kiosk development and manufacture based in Sheffield UK.
  • SiteKiosk
    Versatile secure internet browser for cyber cafes, internet terminals, kiosks or touch screen devices.
  • Software for through glass and other touch screens
    Centrally managed, bespoke touch screen solutions.
  • Source Technologies
    Solutions campany based in Charlotte, NC, with wide experience especially in retail kiosks.
  • 1st Kiosk
    Features touch-enable CRTs, LCDs, and Plasma panels for Windows, Unix, Linux and Macintosh computers. Offers programming, project management, fabrication and deployment services.
  • Storefront's Photo Kiosk
    Provides a full-featured solution for digital and print to print photo kiosks.
  • SurferQuest
    Provider of self contained High-End Dell Kiosks PC's, specially developed for the hospitality industry.
  • SurfPoint
    Swiss Internet kiosk provider.
  • SVS Index
    Public access systems, hardware, NetShift software and services.
  • TeamLinux
    Design, development and manufacture of specialized, interactive kiosks, Web-enabled products and e-commerce.
  • Technology Active Solutions Ltd
    Develops integrated information systems and specialises in touch screen and interactive solutions.
  • Terminal Systems
    German seller of kiosks, terminals and components like coin acceptors for POS marketing and Internet Cafes.
  • Touch International Inc.
    A global supplier of touch input products, offering a broad array of high-quality resistive and capacitive touch screens.
  • Touch Media
    Pacific rim kiosk specialists.
  • Touch Screen Controls, Inc.
    Offers interactive touch screen kiosks for information, POS, and POP designed for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Touch Sonic Technologies Inc
    California kiosk manufacturer.
  • TouchMedia Philippines, Inc.
    Offers interactive kiosk and touch screen based solutions for revenue generating applications in the financial, retail, and entertainment industries.
  • Touchscreens Korea
    Korean kiosk manufacturers.
  • TTSS Interactive Products, Inc.
    Providing turnkey interactive touchscreen directory kiosk solutions for all types of applications. Based in Rockville, MD
  • Ulys Systems
    Ukrainian kiosk manufacturers.
  • Walkwire
    Public access Internet Stations for cafes, hotels, retail stores and airports.
  • Ward Automation
    Canadian wholesale distributor of Jeongil Intercom industrial computer products for kiosks.
    Sonoma County kiosk specialist.
  • WebRaiser
    US Kiosk system integrator, hardware and software solutions. Public internet access for hotels, cafes, hospitals and airports.
  • Wescan Systems Limited
    Canadian manufacturer of multimedia, self service, touch screen kiosks.
  • Whotspot - Canadian wired and wireless Internet access points.
  • WHOTSPOT Public Internet Kiosks
    Manufacturer of prepaid card based Internet Access Kiosks.
  • Winstanley Associates, LLC
    Michigan based maker of interactive multimedia touchscreen kiosks and internet kiosk systems.
  • WireSpring
    Makers of FireCast Linux kiosk software and digital signage suite.
  • Working Solutions Kiosk Solutions
    UK providers of kiosk solutions for a whole range of industries, including retail, hospitality, museums, hotels, banks and financial institutions.
  • The World Of Touch Products
    Russian site, in Russian, devoted to various touch products.
  • WTI Inc. Kiosk Reboot Products
    Design and manufacture of remote power reboot units for 115/230VAC power management of remote servers or kiosks.
    Manufacturer of kiosk systems, telephone enclosures, touchscreen building directories, industrial and commercial enclosure designs for a wide variety of clientele. Current customer base includes major airports, convention centers, shopping malls, casinos, hotels, financial centers, advertising and media distributors.
  • Zytronic
    Touchscreens that are used in the manufacturing of touch screen kiosks, atms and other terminals.
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