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  • Acme Portable Machines, Inc.
    Manufacturer of industrial, rugged lunchbox portable computers for technical computing and automation applications.
  • Acnodes Corp.
    Manufactures a line of industrial computer solutions that include panel PC, LCD workstations, rack mount LCD monitors and LCD keyboard drawers.
  • Actac Technology Corp.
    Providing industrial computer solutions includes embedded board, SBC, panel PC and workstation.
  • ACTIS Computer
    Specializing in small size, low power consumption, extended temperature range, Single Board Computers and I/O modules for industrial embedded applications. With standard or custom products designed around the 32-bit 68k, Pentium and PowerPC processor families.
  • Acura Embedded Systems
    Industrial computers for mobile trucks crane where less space and high performance is required.
  • Add-On Data
    Complete range of IPC rackmount units are the solution to industrial applications with rugged construction using high grade steel materials, resistance to dust, temperature, shock, vibration and EMI common on factory floors.
  • ADEK Industrial Computers
    Manufactures industrial computers to customer specifications also provide OEMs with custom-built computers marketed for resale.
  • Aitech Defense Systems Inc.
    Provides rugged computer systems solutions and integration services for the defense and space electronics, as well as telecomm industries.
  • All Industrial Systems Inc.
    Manufacturer and distributor of industrial computer products and solutions.
    Manufacturer of industrial PC products such as SBCs, backplanes, chassis, compact PCI and embedded solutions.
  • American Portwell Technology, Inc.
    Offers applied computing solutions with SBC, rackmount chassis, PSU, panel PCs, network appliances, CTI platforms and RAID subsystems.
  • Amtrade
    Source for pc computer chassis including desktop, tower, server, industrial rackmount.
  • AP Labs
    Builds and integrates rugged enclosures and real-time COTS systems. Lab, submarine, ship, aircraft, vehicles. Hard mount, rack mount, ATR.
  • Arbor Technology
    Manufacturer of industrial pc-based automation products, including single board computers, pc/104 modules, embedded chassis and 19" rackmount servers.
  • Argon Corp.
    Designs and manufactures ruggedized computer and display system for military use.
  • Arista
    Develops and manufactures industrial computers for harsh industrial environments and mission critical applications.
  • Aventas Inc.
    Manufacturers representatives specializing in industrial ruggedized computer hardware.
  • Axiom Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing a wide range of products including industrial computer chassis and workstations.
  • Axle Computer Technologies
    Provides state-of-the-art portable computer systems for mobile and industrial computing.
  • Broadax Systems, Inc.
    Rugged portable computer, industrial computer, rack mount chassis and system, industrial display and all other industrial computing products.
  • 2BrosTechnologies
    Distributor of rackmount computer peripherals.
  • California Designs & Systems
    Industrial and automation computers, monitors, rackmounts, servers, and custom-designs.
  • Captec
    Designers and suppliers of PC based industrial and automation platforms.
  • CER International
    Manufacturer of intelligent industrial I/O servers.
  • Chassis Plans, Inc.
    Industrial computer custom design, simple modification and complete custom manufacturing, designed entirely to customer specifications.
    High-end industrial computer rackmount chassis, tower and server cases, as well as ATX and redundant power supplies.
  • Citadel Computer Corporation
    Manufacturer of rugged, compact PC-compatible touchscreen computers. Dust-proof, water-proof, shock-proof systems. Can be configured to perform a variety of tasks.
  • CKS Holdings Limited
    Manufacturers of rugged industrial computers, keyboards and trackerballs.
  • Comark Corporation
    Designs and manufactures PC-Based industrial workstations, enclosure systems, advanced distributed I/O systems, flat panel and CRT displays, and keyboards.
  • Computer & Control Solutions, Inc.
    Specialize in custom configured rackmount computer systems and OEM assemblies and provides line of rackmount chassis, enclosures, keyboards and other rackmount accessories.
  • Computer Ruggedization Integration
    Provides ruggedized and rack mount commercial off-the-shelf computer and peripherals for harsh military environments and industrial applications.
  • ComputerState Systems Inc.
    Embedded solutions integrator of industrial computer products intended for harsh or rugged environments.
  • Comsmart Industrial Co. Ltd.
    Racks, chassis and other industrial components and systems.
  • Connie Hill and Associates, LLC
    Distributor of Hardigg Cases including single lid, rackmount, and flangemount cases, and custom foam cushioning systems to protect delicate equipment.
  • Control Express Finland
    Manufacturing industrial computers and displays plus rugged notebooks.
  • Crystal Group Inc.
    Manufactures the smallest industrial computers in the world that provide superior performance and reliability for telephony and network server applications.
  • CSS Laboratories, Inc.
    Designs and manufacturers rackmount and workstation computers industrial and military applications.
  • Digital Dynamics, Inc.
    Manufacturing rugged wash down, waterproof, dustproof, outdoor, Nema 4X, open architecture, flat panel touch screen display, sealed industrial computers.
  • Digital Systems Engineering
    Engineers and manufactures PC's for harsh duty industrial environments suitable for factory floor use as well as outdoors.
  • Digital Technology, Inc
    Serves the industrial computer and automation markets with flat panel, rackmounted and embedded PCs.
    Manufacturer of custom aluminum rackmount cases.
  • EKF - Industrial computer systems using VME bus and CompactPCI.
    Protective PC enclosures and open LAN racking manufacturers.
  • Esis Pty Ltd.
    Supply industrial computers, cards and accessories, data loggers, weather stations, device programmers, converters, and many other products.
  • Fairchild Ltd.
    Full range of advanced Web-servers and industrial computers.
  • Fum Da Electronics
    Sells industrial PC cases, cabinets and power supplies.
  • Glacier Computer
    Designs and markets industrial computer systems for environments that require durability and ease of use.
  • Global American Inc.
    Provides single board computers, backplanes, rackmount chassis, wallmount chassis, and panel PCs for industrial computer solutions.
  • Grace Engineered Products, Inc.
    Connections to the outside of electrical panels for safety convenience, over 4000 combinations.
  • Granite Microsystem
    Provides turnkey solutions to original equipment manufacturers and industrial computer users. Offer custom design and integration as well as computer related products.
  • Hanify and Associates
    Represents major manufacturers of industrial computer hardware and software.
  • Hanut
    Manufacturer of extra deep server cabinets ideal for rack mounting and industrial uses.
  • I-Bus/Phoenix UK
    Supplier of industrial grade computers and power conditioning products. From entry level systems to fault tolerant high reliability platforms.
  • ICP Electronics Inc.(IEI)
    Industrial computer manufacturer and system integrator specializing in single board computers, chassis, workstations, panel PC, flash disk, PC/104 products, power supply, and backplane.
  • ICP Global Pty. Ltd.
    Supplier of industrial computer equipment in Australia.
  • Inducomp
    Manufacturer and seller of industrial computers, rack mount systems, panel mount pcs, lcd monitors, industrial terminals, rugged keyboards, barcode and RF products.
  • Industrial Computers, Inc.
    Manufacturer of thin client terminals, flat panel monitors, computers, and kiosks. Also provide custom solutions, enclosures, touch screens, and integration services.
  • Industrial PC Inc.
    Rackmount, industrial computers, i/o products, pc/104, passive backplanes, single board computers and embedded PCs.
  • Industrial PC to you
    Offers a catalog and information retrieval system for industrial computers and automation facilities. Based in Germany.
    Specializing in rackmount computers, chassis and enclosures, single board computers, custom and ruggedized computers and chassis.
    Metal and stainless steel enclosures for industrial uses.
  • Innova Electronics, Inc.
    Designs and manufacturers rugged electronics, computers and flat panel monitors for aerospace, industrial and oil field applications.
  • Intecolor
    Manufactures rugged industrial flat panel monitors, CRTs, and industrial computers for use in factory automation applications.
  • Intelligent Instrumentation Inc.
    Produces open-architecture data collection terminals.
  • Intelliworxx, Inc.
    A manufacturer of mobile computing hardware used in public safety, field service and fleet management applications.
  • Interlogic Industries
    Manufacterers and distributors of rackmount computer chassis, LCD flat panel displays, single board computers, peripherals and custom and pre-configured rackmount systems.
  • IPC supplier
    manufacturer for pc-based embedded and industrial applications.
  • Keetronics India Pvt. Ltd.
    Manufactures membrane, rigid and customised sealed keyboards.
  • Kolar Systems International
    Network solutions and modular rack systems for various industries and applications.
  • Komon Solutions
    Offer lunchbox style portable computers with the highest possible processor and memory.
  • Lanrack Inc.
    Product line extends beyond traditional racks and includes rackmountable systems for servers, technical benches, enclosures and mobile systems.
  • Laversab Industrial Computers
    Specialty retailer with computer cases designed to be rugged, portable and waterproof.
  • Logic Instrument
    Offers industrial and military grade multislot portable PCs, notebooks, and panel displays.
  • MCH Systems
    Mission Critical, high availability, and rugged systems.
  • MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH
    Manufacturer of industrial and embedded VMEbus and CompactPCI boards and systems.
  • Meta Technical Sales
    Manufacturers representatives selling embedded processors, fieldbus products, Nema rated systems, VME bus, instrumentation and signal conditioning.
  • MGR Industries, Inc
    Industrial quality keyboards, keypads, and other rugged input devices for harsh and extreme conditions.
  • Microscribe Limited
    Specialist supplier of rugged computers for hand held and panel mount terminals with customization availiable.
  • Miltope Corporation
    Specializes in the design, development and production of rugged computers, workstations, printers, mass storage devices and related peripherals that must operate in the most demanding environmental conditions.
  • Mitac
    Manufacturers industrial and rackmount computers.
  • Modular Industrial Solutions
    Manufacturing and integration of all levels of PC-compatible industrial computer products.
  • Mogacom Devices
    Provider of application-specific microcomputers, data-acquisition devices and communication hardware designed for industrial control tasks and transaction-based commercial applications.
  • Nagasaki Tech.
    Rackmount chassis, industrial PCs and embedded boards.
  • Option Computers
    Complete industrial hardware solutions. All products are submitted to a 100 hour burn-in test before delivery. Benchtops, panelmounts, rackmounts, portables, monitors and keyboards.
  • PCW Microsystems, Inc.
    Manufacturing high performance rackmount servers and workstations for Colocation, ISP and Webhosting companies.
  • Portwell, Inc.
    Offers backplane computers, rackmount chassis, panel PCs, CTI Platform and RAID Subsystems. Based in Taiwan.
  • Portwell UK
    Distributors of industrial motherboards, SBCs, backplanes, chassis, power supplies and peripherals.
  • Quarndon Electronics Ltd.
    Distributor of industrial PCs, VME systems, wireless communication products, and serial communications cards.
  • Quatech
    Designs and manufactures high quality PCI, PCMCIA, USB and ISA based data acquisition, signal conditioning and communication hardware and software.
  • Rackmaster Systems Inc.
    Manufacturer of industrial rack mount computer chassis and peripheral enclosures. Supports a wide range of physical formats and architectures.
  • Rackmount Computers
    Builds industrial computer systems for the scientific and engineering fields.
  • Rackmount U.S.E.R.
    Wide range of rackmount chassis, accessories and various electronic components.
    Manufacturer of industrial rackmount computers, workstations and PICMIG single board computers.
  • RackMountPlus
    Rack mount cases, systems and servers
  • RackPro Systems
    Manufacturer of rackmount computer systems.
  • Rittal Ripac
    Presents a line of CPCI subrack systems can be customized with cooling options, high performance backplanes, power supplies, and drive chassis.
  • Rugged Display Products Ltd.
    Design and build display and computer systems for industrial use.
  • Rugged Systems Ltd.
    Supplies and services specialised and ruggedised computers, test systems, and associated products for the military and commercial market. UK based.
  • Ruggedtronics, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and tests computer equipment for applications in military, airborne, and industrial environments.
    Rugged computers for small spaces.
  • Stealth Computer Corp.
    Manufacturer of industrial grade systems and peripherals. Includes rackmount PCs, flat panel monitors, weatherproof keyboards, and rugged notebooks
  • Systel
    Offers a wide variety of industrial computers, Telco computers and peripherals.
  • Systems Integration Plus, Inc.
    Embedded computer hardware packaging, integration and software specialists. Extensive experience with military, industrial and rugged environments utilizing VME, cPCI, PCI and VXI.
  • Systems Integration Plus, Inc.
    Provide high performance custom and COTS integrated systems. Extensive experience with military and rugged environments utilizing VME, cPCI, PCI and VXI.
  • Tactical Computing Solutions
    Ruggedized, military and industrial computing products and services.
  • Tactronics
    Development and manufacturing of ultra-rugged tactical integrated electronics systems, as well as computer based navigation and platform automation systems.
  • Technoland
    Provides industrial PCs and rackmount servers.
  • Technology Advancement Group
    Mission-critical, fault tolerant servers and high-end workstations and redundant RAID storage systems.
  • TenTech
    Manufacturers representative and distributor of industrial ruggedized computers, automation software and interface components, specializing in harsh and hazardous area applications.
  • TQC Ireland
    Industrial PC systems, cards and peripherals for test, measurement, automation and communication.
  • Transtech Systems Ltd
    Innovative technologies for the industrial market. Products include rugged handheld PCs, video frame grabbers, CCD cameras and C mount lenses.
  • TRI MAP International, Inc.
    Manufacturer of industrial grade rackmount and desktop computers.
  • TRS Fieldbus Systems, Inc.
    System of ultra rugged industrial PCs, PLCs embedded in PCs, PC to fieldbus interfaces and a full line one I/O-system for all major field buses.
  • Trusty Technology Inc.
    Industrial computer specialist, offers a variety of open architecture PC based SBC hardware and software components.
  • Universal Computer Systems
    Sells industrial components for automation, network and embedded computing, Web appliances, and servers.
  • VarTech Systems
    Flat panel LCD and CRT monitors for industrial environments.
  • Veonix Corporation
    Maker of wireless Internet connected vehicle computers which can be integrated into cars, trucks, limousines, and buses and include voice commanded navigation systems, digital music, DVD movie players, and LCD displays.
  • VersaLogic Corporation
    Leading provider of industrial computers for embedded control and industrial control applications.
    Industrial computer supplier, designer and integrator with sales, consulting, technical support, testing and assembly.
  • Wescom Computer
    Variety of computer systems and parts; industrial rackmount computers, portable, and notebook for all types of applications.
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