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Data Recovery

  • Accurate Data Recovery
    Low price data recovery shop who provide free evaluations and claim fast turn-around times.
  • AcoDisc
    Offers specialized data recovery from corrupt or damaged CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Rom, and DVD-RW discs.
  • Action Front Data Recovery Labs
    Specializes in data recover services for files from scrambled or damaged disk drives, network servers, tapes, cartridges and other media.
  • Adaptive Research and Design
    Data recovery from crashes, viruses, electrical surges, and sabotage, on hard and floppy drives under any operating system.
  • Advanced Data Solutions
    Offers data recovery from damaged hard drives, fire, water, dropped, lightning, virus infected for all systems.
  • Altiris Client Recovery Solution
    Offering data recovery services for organization's computers with client backup and recovery. Pricing and ordering information.
  • Arrowkey
    Creators of CD-R Diagnostic, software which recovers data from unreadable CD-R and CD-RW disks, and AccuBurn-R, software which overcomes existing CD burning software limitations.
  • Aver Drivetronics Data Recovery
    International computer data recovery and hard drive repair service.
  • California Data Recovery
    Services include recovery of deleted data files, hard drive repair and recovery, tape conversion and electronic evidence discovery for business, government and law firms.
  • CBL Data Recovery Technologies
    Offering data recovery services for any media and any operating system.
  • CD Data Guys
    Recover data from PC hard drives, 3.5" floppy diskettes, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. Includes recovering pictures and MP3 files.
  • CD Recovery Services
    Provides data recovery services for CD-R and CD-RW discs. Also sells a wide range of CD-R accessories and supplies.
  • Cherry Systems
    Data recovery services.
  • Common Computers
    Recover from drive failure, crashes, fdisk, or lost data. Data Recovery and PC upgrading in Oklahoma.
  • Computer Disk Service, Inc.
    Distributor of hard drives. Also offers hard and tape drive repair, and data recovery.
  • Computer Forensic Solutions
    Manufacturer of hardware based computer forensic solutions to protect mission critical data.
  • Computer Recovery Limited
    Specialising in data recovery from most medias and supports all major operating systems and manufacturers.
    Data recovery services for hard drives and zip disks.
  • Critical Data Recovery Services
    Extracts data from failed, corrupted, or physically damaged media devices such as hard drives, RAID arrays, tapes, and other computer removable media.
  • CTE Computer Data Services
    Services data loss, crashed hard drives, damaged disk restore and recovery from hard drives and zip disks.
  • Data Clinic Ltd.
    Data recovery services and solutions.
  • Data Doctors
    Offers data recovery services for hard drives, floppy disks, and removable drives.
  • Data Mechanix
    Specializes in data recovery of all kinds on virtually all platforms, operating systems and media types.
  • Data Recon, LLC
  • offers data recovery and computer forensic analysis services.
  • Data Recovery 911
    Specializes in hard drive recovery, data loss, and all forms of removable media. Does not charge for failed recovery.
  • Data Recovery and Reconstrution
    Data recovery services.
  • Data Recovery Canada
    Specializing in data recovery 24/7 and computer forensics.
  • Data Recovery Centre UK
    Professional data recovery service, free evaluation, low fees and fast turnaround.
  • Data Recovery Clinic
    Extensive experience in emergency data recovery including mechanical failure, natural disaster, viral infection, file corruption, human error, and sabotage from all operating environments. Special forensic, SQL, and RAID units.
  • Data Recovery Group
    With full knowledge of hard drive architecture and electronic circuitry, experience in software and file structures.
  • Data Recovery Inc.
    Recovery services for all types of storage, hard drives, tapes, removables, and optical media.
  • Data Recovery Labs
    Specializes in the recovery of data from crashed and non-functioning media. Can recover from the majority of operating systems.
  • Data Recovery Link
    Operates from a level 10 clean room. Recovers data from hard drives and other damaged media.
  • Data Recovery Masters
    Restores and recovers information from all types of magnetic media.
  • Data Recovery Room Inc.
    Data recovery service in Seattle.
  • Data Recovery Service Inc.
    Offers data recovery from damaged or corrupted hard drives. Provides a full estimate on repair and recovery within 24 hours.
  • Data Recovery Services
    Offers fast response to data recovery needs in any location. Operates on most media.
  • Data Recovery Services UK
    Offers emergency data recovery services for hard disk drives and tape media plus computer forensic analysis.
  • Data Rescue
    Data recovery on PCs.
  • Data Security Lab
    Offers data recovery and duplication services plus hardware and media sales.
  • DataBank
    Recovery services on all types of computer hard drives, disks, tapes and media. Assists in forensic and electronic investigations.
  • DataLife
    Specialists in lost data recovery following disk or drive failure from all forms of media including hard disk, CD, CD-RW and Zips. Also offers forensic and password recovery services.
    Specializing in data recovery and conversions between many different formats, as well as providing forensic evaluation, analysis, and consultation.
  • DataQuest International Ltd.
    Data recovery company located in the UK for most media and file systems.
  • Datarecovery
    Professional data rescue services on damaged media of all types and file systems.
  • DataRecovery BC
    West Canada data recovery services for most storage mediums.
  • DataRecoveryOnline
    Data recovery from failed hard drives due to mechanical or electrical failure resulting from any kind of disaster.
    Data recovery from hard drives and tapes.
  • Datex Europe
    Offers hard disk drive repairs and data recovery services in class-100 clean rooms, as well as peripheral repairs.
  • DBR Technologies
    Offering data backup and recovery services in Gauteng, South Africa of deleted or corrupted files and formatted hard drives.
  • Digital Medix
    Data recovery and computer forensics performed on all types of media performed in a class 100 or better clean room.
  • Disaster Recovery Group
    Offering data recovery services with evaluations in Riverside, CA.
  • Disaster Recovery Group Ltd.
    Offering information, data recovery software and services, evaluations and computer forensics in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Disk Doctors Labs Inc.
    Specializes in high end data recovery for Raid systems. Provides 24 hours hotline and no charge for failed recovery.
  • Disk-O-Tech
    Retrieve lost data from all catastrophic occurances and deals with computer crime investigations.
  • Docotor Recovery
    Specializes in data recovery of damaged of corrupt files.
  • Drive Service Company
    Provider of data recovery and services. Resolving disk problems, major hard drive crashes, drive failures and disk failures.
  • DriveSavers
    Worldwide data recovery service for all operating systems and storage media. Authorized by all drive manufacturers.
    Data recovery software for Microsoft operating systems. Utility software. Demos, free downloads and tech information.
  • Ess Data Recovery
    Fast service and low cost data recovery.
  • Excalibur Data Recovery Inc.
    Extracts data from either the primary storage device or backup media from physical and logical damage support for most platforms.
  • Excel File Recovery
    Data recovery due to virus, corrupt files or lost or forgotten passwords.
  • File and Data Recovery Service
    Specializes in retrieving lost, deleted, or corrupted files and data from computer hard drives, floppy disks, and other storage media.
  • Flashcard Recovery
    Recovers lost files and images from flashcards, compact flash, and other smart media.
  • FlashFixers
    Recovers data from damaged or corrupted flash memory cards of all types.
  • Forensic Data Services
    Data recovery and forensic analysis services.
  • The Foundation
    Data recovery services for the Indian Subcontinent.
  • FRS Europe BV
    Specialists in data recovery. Located in the Netherlands.
  • Grampian Technical Services
    British based company offering quality data recovery on hard drives, floppy, and zip.
  • Hard Drive Recovery Group
    Offers nationwide RAID, disk, data, and hard drive recovery services.
  • HDRC
    Hard disc data recovery and repairing services in India.
  • Ibas
    Provider of data recovery, data erasure and computer forensics.
  • Independent Technology Services
    Flat rate data recovery with information on viruses and disk drives.
  • IntelliRecovery
    Global data recovery services company specializing in hard disk and hard drive recovery from lost data, drive crashes and more. Free evaluations.
  • Internet Desk, Inc.
    Specialists in data recovery from damaged or virus infected hard drives or retrieval of lost files after accidental formatting.
  • Iomega Data Recovery Services
    Data recovery specialist who provides free media evaluation or 24-hour critical response onsite data recovery.
  • Kenedacom
    Offers disk recovery services, and hard drive and tape data recovery.
  • K?RT European Data Recovery Service
    Emergency data recovery, disk problem resolution including major hard drive crashes, drive failures and disk failures for all media types and operating systems.
  • Magic Card
    Instant system and data recovery card that will protect from worms, computer viruses, unformat, undelete and hacking.
  • Malaysia Data Recovery Center
    Local and worldwide data recovery service.
  • MDS Disk Service
    Data recovery for crashed hard disk drives and other magnetic media.
    Undelete, fix lost images and files from SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Stick and MicroDrive.
  • Memofix Canada
    Quantum, Seagate, Plextor and ADIC drive warranty service depot and hard disk drive data recovery and repairs.
  • Micro Com LLC
    Delivers emergency data recovery service, retrieves inaccessible computer storage device data, provides forensic data recovery investigations and expert witness consulting.
  • Microdot Systems Ltd.
    Data recovery from crashed drives using unique state-of-the-art recovery methods.
  • Micro-Surgeon
    Data recovery service and forensic discovery services. Located in Northern New Jersey.
  • Midwest Data Recovery
    Provides services for RAID systems and servers, desktops, laptops, tape cartridges, flash cards, and removable media devices. Contains a listing of services, shipping instructions, and policies. Located in Niles, Illinois, United States.
  • MjM Data Recovery
    Data recovery service for the UK and Europe.
  • 911myData
    Disk, tape or drive data recovery. Website includes on-line pricing estimation tool.
  • Ondata International
    Data recovery from hard drives and files, located in the UK.
  • Ontrack Data International
    Recover data from virtually every operating system and storage device in any data loss situation without voiding equipment warranties.
  • Optical Drive Repair Ltd.
    Optical and magnetic recording techniques specialist offers data recovery service for most types and forms of corrupted or damaged storage media.
  • PAYAM-Support and Design
    Specialize in recovering data from: PC IDE and SCSI hard disks, laptop, notebooks, and floppy disks. Based in Sydney, Australia.
  • PCM Assistance
    Specializing in the recovery of computerized data.
  • Practical Intelligence Solutions, Inc.
    Atlanta provider of computer forensics and data recovery services.
  • Premier Solutions Company
    Provider of data recovery services.
  • Quantum
    DLTtape disaster recovery initiative.
  • R and R Data Recover
    Data recovery from all forms of media are available.
  • Recovery Labs
    Data retrival and service, file repair and data conversion.
  • Renew Data Corp.
    Offers data recovery, computer forensics, and media or data conversions.
  • Reynolds Data Recovery
    Data recovery for hard drive crashes and computer failures.
  • Sernat Data Recovery
    Recover data from common hard disk and floppy disk failures.
  • Silva Development Group
    Provides computer data insurance policies to businesses and individuals.
  • Southwest Stars
    Data recovery for RAID and multi-disk arrays, deleted or corrupt MS SQL server and corrupt Norton ghost files.
  • 1st 4 Data Recovery
    Provides data recovery and computer forensics services.
  • SureVault
    Electronic data vaulting, storage, backup and protection of your data.
  • TecLeo
    Specializing in recapturing lost data from hard drives, backup tapes, floppy diskettes, DAT tapes and all other types of digital media.
  • TIC International
    Specializes in recovering lost data for individuals, corporations, and educational institutions.
  • TLC Technology
    Data recovery services for all types of data loss. Located in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Total Recall
    Provider of data recovery and data recovery software for the PC and Macintosh.
  • Universal Data Recovery
    Data recovery solutions, located in Brighton, England.
  • Universal Data Recovery Limited
    Located in Brighton, England. Data reconstruction and rescue.
  • USByte Data Recovery
    Information about data recovery from hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Zip drives, Jazz drives and tape drives.
  • Vantage Technologies
    Specialist in data recovery and restoration services for all types of disk, diskette, tape and optical storage media.
  • Vogon International
    Data recovery, computer evidence and other services provided in Europe and North America.
  • WinRecovery
    Data recovery and repair service.
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