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  • CIS4930 Final Report
    Survey of Technology Mapping Algorithms for LUT-Based FGPA, by Hitoshi Oi.
  • Compiling VHDL Designs with Synopsys
    Shows how to implement a design using Altera's tools.
  • DSP on FPGA Information at KU
    List of papers on FPGA's at the University of Kansas.
  • FAQ About Programmable Logic
    Frequently-asked questions, technologies including FPGAs, CPLDs, FPICs, and their associated design tools.
  • FUSE Case Study
    A case study for an FPGA for high precision length measurement using standard PCs.
  • Nallatech - FPGA centric systems
    Delivering FPGA Centric High Performance Reconfigurable Computers. As a Xilinx Diamond Partner with our DIME2 modular system we can offer the optimum FPGA based solutions and systems.
  • A Reconfigurable Computing Primer
    Tutorial on what reconfigurable computing means.
  • Synthesis of FPGA's and Testable ASICs
    Prof. Don Bouldin of the Electrical Engineering department at University of Tennessee, course.
  • Using the Xilinx Alliance 2.1i Tools under Linux
    A tutorial on how to use the Xilinx Alliance tools under Linux.
  • Xilinx on Linux HowTo
    An article that describes how to set up the Xilinx tools so that they work on a Linux machine under the Wine Windows emulator.
  • X84Labs
    Guide and tutorial rom concept through VHDL coding, synthesis, routing and into the hardware.
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