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  • Actel Corp
    Produces three different styles of FPGAs: antifuse, flash, and SRAM.
  • Altera Corporation
    Manufactures CPLDs and SRAM based FPGAs.
  • Amtel Corp
    Produces a wide range of ICs, including FPGAs and configuration memories.
  • Anadigm, Inc
    Manufactures field programmable analog array (FPAA), an analog version of an FPGA.
  • Lattice Semiconductor Corp.
    Produces analog and digital FPGAs, including the ORCA FPSC assets purchased from Agere (formerly Lucent).
  • Leopard Logic, Inc
    A fabless semiconductor company developing hybrid configurable logic devices.
  • Xilinx, Inc
    Manufactures CPLDs and SRAM based FPGAs.
  • Zetex Semiconductors
    A UK maker of analog ICs, including an analog field programmable device.
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