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  • Alpha Data
    Specialixes in parallel processing and DSP and offers a range of products that can be combined, as part of a parallel processing system, to provide an expandable processing resource.
  • Amontec
    Offers Xilinx FPGA demo boards for rapid VHDL core developments and tests.
  • Annapolis Micro Systems
    Products are Wildcart(tm), Wildstar(tm) PCI Board, Wildfire(tm). They are based on the Xilinx Virtex Chip.
  • ASIC Prototyping System
    High density and high speed stackable FPGA boards for rapid prototyping.
  • Associated Pro
    All kinds of FPGA development tools.
  • Burch Electronic Designs
    Sells low cost Xilinx FPGA development systems.
    FPGA prototyping boards for design and rapid prototyping.
  • FPGA-Kochecke
    List of boards for FPGA development.
  • Hedgehog
    General purpose computer board with a microcontroller and an FPGA.
  • Isytec GmhB
    Offers rapid prototyping, hardware emulation, simulation and FPGA-based realtime image processing.
  • LFH Associates
    DK-01 Flex 10K10 design kit.
  • List (Optimagic)
    A List of Boards to evaluate FPGA, CPLD, EPLD...
  • med-m-drive
    offering Altera based FPGA Hardware and Programming - site in german
    Provides hardware development services for development of IP modules, FPGA based system development, and embedded system and SOC definition and design.
  • Nallatech
    Delivering FPGA Centric High Performance Reconfigurable Systems. As a Xilinx Diamond Partner with our DIME2 modular system we can offer the optimum FPGA based solutions and systems, Hardware, Software and design services.
  • Prototyping Boards with Altera FPGAs
    FPGA Protoyping Boards and IO module with Ethernet connection. This site is designated for a processor design to implement the Java Virtual Machine. It is part of a PhD thesis at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria.
  • Sweeney Design E7T-DBoard
    Daughter board for ARM's evaluator-7T board with Xilinx Spartan2 FPGA, SDRAM and ethernet port. Forms a low-cost, compact development platform for embedded software and ASIC/FPGA cores.
  • Trenz Electronic
    FPGA boards for education, development and FPGA-centric processing applications.
  • Virtual Computer Corporation
    Manufacturers reconfigurable computer systems.
  • Welcome to EasyFPGA.
    EasyFPGA offers low-cost Altera FPGA development boards for rapid prototyping and development.
  • Xess - A family of APS-Test Boards for standalone applications and testing where an ISA BUS is not available. The boards have an on board 8031 microcontroller and are able to download the XILINX image code via a parallel port D25 connector.
  • XESS Elastic Computing
    XESS Corp develops and sells XILINX FPGA and CPLD reconfigurable-logic demo boards.
  • Xilinx FPGA Design Demonstration Board
    Stand-alone board that contains, in addition to the FPGA chip, a series of switches, LEDs and 7 segment displays that can be used to toggle inputs and display outputs.
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