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  • List of FPGA-based Computing Machines  
    Extensive list of FPGA systems.
  • Adrian Thompson's Hardware Evolution Page.
    Adrian Thompson does Research on Evolvable Hardware.
  • Alpha Data Parallel Systems
    Specializes in parallel processing and DSP and offers a comprehensive range of products that can be combined, as part of a parallel processing system, to provide an infinitely expandable processing resource.
  • DAC Resolution Sharper
    The objective of this application experiment (AE) is to improve the company's existing reference Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC), the PDM1024, by utilising FPGA technology.
  • Improved Physiotherapy System
    The fisiocomputer line of equipment for physical therapy. Designed in order to introduce new and more complex capabilities, improve the functionality and ergonomics, and lower the production costs.
  • Prism Editor Website
    Find all the information you need about the friendly Prism Editor. This is tailored for VHDL and Verilog design of FPGA's or ASICS.
  • Toadfish Systems
    Builds a prototype commercial quality sidescan sonar system. Design is PC based and utilizes FPGA Microcircuit Technology and Digital Sampling.
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