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  • Berkeley Reconfigurable Architectures, Systems, and Software
    Berkeley's lab for reconfigurable technologies: a wide variety of projects on various themes
  • Chipworks
    Provider of reverse engineering services, analyzing the circuitry and physical composition of semiconductor chips and electronic systems for competitive study, intellectual property support, and reliability assurance.
  • CMOS circuit design, LABVIEW6i, Verilog-XL, VHDL, FPGA design Xilinx,C,MATLAB,Visual basic
    This site describes my educational qualification and work experiences in the field of CMOS circuit design, LABVIEW6i, Verilog-XL,FPGA design xilinx C,MATLAB,Visual basic coding
    Offers embedded products such as electronic micro-controllers, radio control, microchips and RF remote access controllers.
  • Eg3
    Portal for embedded systems, dsp, real-time/rtos, board-level computing and SOCs.
  • Flextronics Semiconductor
    FPGA replacement into lower cost integrated circuits.
    Exploring the design and implementation of custom processors and integrated systems-on-chips using FPGAs.
  • FPGA Information
    FPGA links maintained by the University of Idaho.
  • Glossary of FPGA centric terms
    A useful glossary provided by xilinx of terms used FPGA and associated technologies.
  • Kit de desenvolvimento para FPGA / CPLD - Brazillian
    Apresentamos um kit de desenvolvimento para FPGA/CPLD, baseado no dispositivo ALTERA EPM7128SLC84-15. O sistema tanto contempla aplica??es b?sicas como aprendizado de Eletr?nica Digital como aplica??es avan?adas.
  • NASA Digital Engineering Institute
    Dedicated to the design and use of programmable and quick-turn technologies for space flight applications.
  • Optimagic
    Programmable logic design station for FPGA, CPLD, EPLD.
  • SynthWorks Design Inc.
    Provides hands-on, how-to VHDL training with a focus on hardware ASIC, FPGA, and system design and test.
  • Virginia Tech
    Configurable computing research lab.
  • VIUF
    comp.lang.vhdl archive frequently asked questions resource.
  • vlsi forum - VlSI forum site for discussion on any of VLSI topics like FPGA, ASIC, Microprocessor, semiconductors.
  • Xeltek
    Manufactures and sales of universal programmer and adapter.
  • Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA
    FPGA, with RocketIO(tm) multigigabit transceivers, and IBM PowerPC cores, all integrated on one standard product
  • Xylon
    Electronic company focused on FPGA design development.
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