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  • Allied Data Technologies
    Designs, produces and markets fax modems, ISDN and ADSL products.
  • Crossport Systems
    Offers Pivio broadband products such as firewalls, DSL and cable modems, VPNs and monitored Internet security for small businesses and consumers.
  • Datatronics Technology
    A manufacture of professional modems for data communications solutions.
  • DCB Inc.
    Manufactures a variety of industrial modems.
  • Eicon Networks
    VPN's, external ISDN modems, external-internal analog modems, PC cards.
  • Express Systems and Peripherals
    Business distributor of Comtrol Rocketport, Hostess, Rocketmodem.
  • HDT Communications
    Industrial and military specialty modems including older bell-coded, V.series, and Link 1.
  • Mainpine Limited
    Manufacturer of RockForce multi-port data, voice and fax modems.
  • Miille Applied Research Co., Inc.
    Universal protocol conversion products and modems. Over 50 protocols supported.
  • Multi-Tech Modems
    Multi-Tech partners with industry leaders and invests in leading-edge technology to provide the fastest modem speeds possible.
  • Pulse Design Ltd
    Offers a secure phone line timer that regulates childrens time on line.
  • Sixnet
    Source for industrial modems.
  • Smart Link
    Specializs in modem technology, including riser, PCI, and USB modem chipsets and drivers.
  • U.S. Robotics
    56K modems, Cable modems, DSL modems, and PC modem cards.
  • WMCS
    Specialized in wireless monitoring and control systems operating at short as well as long distance ranges.
  • Zoom Telephonics
    Zoom products include dial-up and broadband modems, wireless LAN & WAN.
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