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  • Aerosense Conference 3058
    Head-Mounted Displays II, held 21-22 April 1997 archival information.
  • Aerosense Conference 3362
    Head-Mounted Displays III, held 13­14 April 1998 archival information.
  • Comparing Head-Mounted and Stationary Displays
    A user study. Users performing a generic search task decrease task performance time by roughly half when changed from stationary to head-mounted displays with matching traits.
  • FAQ: Visual Displays
    From sci.virtual-worlds with product information on visual displays in virtual interface technology, vendors and products.
  • HMD/ Headset Comparison
    Comprehensive comparison table for many systems with traits, prices and pictures.
  • Microvision, Inc.
    Designs and develops laser retina scan personal displays for electronic and computing products for military, aerospace, medical, industrial, consumer electronics uses.
  • Review of HMD's
    List of types and traits, with some photographs, by Professor Steve Mann.
  • TekGear
    Offers displays, computers, I/0 devices, and custom wearables.
  • Virtual Realities
    Sells several brands of displays, photographs, descriptions, some specifications and prices.
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