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Flat Panel


  • Achom EP
    Offers TFT LCD monitors in 15.1", 18.1" and 22" sizes. Also provides NdFeB bonded magnets used in spindle motors and stepper motors.
  • Alien Technology Corp.
    Makes very low cost, flexible, reflective and emissive active matrix displays for hand-held systems. May have revolutionary cost/performance by using Fluidic Self Assembly (FSA), and NanoBlock ICs, to transform the whole display manufacturing process from inefficient batch production to continuous-flow roll-to-roll (web) processing.
  • ATIP Flat Panel Project
    Asian Technology Information Program: timely, exclusive information from mainly Japanese and Korean sources otherwise unavailable to the foreign FPD community.
  • Aurora IT Systems
    Large European distributor of LCD TFT flat panel screens and monitors. Imports or represents most major brands. Contact us with your needs, big or small.
  • Bohlken Bai
    Designers of LCD monitors and flat panel displays, as fine furniture, for homes, offices and reception areas.
  • Candescent Technologies Corp.
    Developing Field Emitter Displays (FED), which they are calling 'ThinCRT' but which is not a thermionic device.
  • CDT Ltd.
    World R&D leaders in light emitting polymer (LEP) display technology development. LEPs may cause big display price cuts.
  • Cornea Systems, Inc.
    Manufactures, develops, and markets TFT-LCD and plasma displays.
  • Craft Data Ltd.
    Provides an overview of LCDs, touch systems and related products made available by this firm.
  • Crystal Visions Technology, Inc.
    Rugged and compact LCD monitors and touch screens, stand-alone LCD monitors, serial LCDs.
  • Data Plus Inc.
    Sales and service of commercial and industrial monitors and LED displays.
  • Digital View Ltd.
    Makes LCD, PDP, and other flat panel controller interfaces, monitors, kiosks, marine systems.
  • Display Werks
    Designs and manufactures flat-panel LCD displays for a variety of applications including high-end home control, commercial, industrial, retail and kiosk applications.
  • Disteck International
    Makes, distributes, sells TFT LCD monitors of many sizes for many uses.
  • Earth Computer Technologies
    LCD distributor/remarketer: surplus LCDs, LCD controllers, LCD monitors, touch monitors, flat panels, POS and notebook screens.
  • E-Axion
    Designs, manufactures and distributes computer, POS and industrial display technologies.
  • eVision Displays, Inc.
    Broad tange of TFT displays, CCFL inverters, cable assemblies, controller boards, engineering and customer support.
    Sells flat LCD monitors.
  • Global Display Network
    A forum for those interested or involved in the flat panel display industry. Provides users with tutorials, industry news, business presentations, an industry directory and other resources to educate about and promote the FPD marketplace.
  • GVision
    Manufacturer of LCD, plasma, kiosk, POS and touchscreen displays.
  • Hi IQ Products
    Specializes in rackmount kits for TFT LCD monitors, and carries flat monitors from Acer, Cornea Technology, KDS, NEC, Pioneer, Samsung, and Viewsonic.
  • How Stuff Works: How a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Works
    Animation and illustrations describe how LCDs operate.
  • IDT: Integrated Display Technology, Inc.
    Markets gas plasma and color LCD chassis displays, to the industrial distribution and integration market; from Fremont, California.
  • The LCD Monitor Outlet
    Sells LCD flat panel monitors.
  • LCD-Panels
    Suppliers of LCD monitors and flat panel displays in the UK.
  • Lite Array, Inc.
    Volume producer of Thin Film Electro-Luminescent (TFEL) and Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display products. Specialty: high information display products at competitive price for commercial use, including automobiles. R&D at US headquarters, volume production in China.
  • Mermaid Technology, Inc.
    Offers LCD-TFT monitors manufactured of steel, aluminium and a protective non glare glass screen. Based in Denmark.
  • Oregon Graduate Institute: Flat Panel Display Research Group
    Working with local and international companies, and US Federal government in flat panel display research and development.
  • Polestar Group, Inc.
    Offers flat panel LCD monitors in many sizes.
  • Qrex
    Sells LCD displays and PC system units.
  • Research Frontiers, Inc.: Markets: Flat Panel Displays
    Suspended particle technology: interesting animation, article from Information Display Magazine, April/May 1996.
  • Royal Technology
    Computer and LCD retailer plus IT outsourcing service offered.
  • Seamless Display Ltd.
    Develops and commercializes video screen technology, based in Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • Shenzhen Godwing Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Provides TFT LCD monitors in a variety of sizes, as well as SVGA mono monitors. Based in China.
  • Taiwan Video System
    Specializes in industrial LCD and POS monitors, and CCTV monitor/camera.
  • Universal Display Corp.
    Organic Light Emitting Device (OLED) technology may deliver excellent display performance with high resolution, full color, high luminosity at lower costs.
  • Westaim: iFire Technology, Inc.
    Thick film inorganic electroluminescent display.
  • 9X Media
    Modular multi-display desktop systems expand or upgrade from 1 to 9 LCD monitors per system with stereo and multi-media optional.

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