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Technical Information

MicroSHADOW Research
  Produces an 8/16 bit eprom emulator and develops a ladder compiler for embedded systems.
  • Acceed
    Delivers industrial PCs, add on cards and serial communication cards.
  • AcQuisition Technology
    Develops, customizes and manufactures standard products, based upon CompactPCI, PCI, PMC, VMEbus, M-module and proprietary standards for use in the field of industrial Automation, aerospace/defense and telecommunications.
  • Acromag, Inc.
    Provides industrial I/O solutions for computer control applications and data acquisition using VME boards, cPCI, PCI and ISA, and IP modules for analog and digital I/O.
  • Actis Computer
    Manufactures board level products based around the 68K, PowerQuicc and PowerPC families on the VME and CompactPCI buses as well as Industry Pack modules.
  • Actstor Technologies Inc.
    Develops embedded application platforms, distributed application infrastructures, and maintains a market leading service and technical support team.
  • ACT/Technico
    Integrated real-time and embedded systems using CompactPCI, VMEbus, and other platforms.
  • Acumen Instruments
    Embedded data storage and connectivity solutions for OEM's. Serial data recorders for GPS and other rugged, low-power data acquisition applications.
  • Adfast
    Design and manufacture of PC-base multi-screen video adapters.
  • Advanced Digital Logic
    Offers high performing, low power SBC's for embedded and stand alone applications.
  • Advanced Micro Peripherals
    Design and supply embedded PCs. Specializing in PC/104 and PC/104+ embedded computers and expansion modules.
  • AG Electronics
    Designer and manufacturer of high performance PowerPC and C6x board level products, including PCI, PMC, and CompactPCI cards.
  • aJile Systems
    Develops microprocessors for executing Java in real-time embedded products.
  • Alacron
    Provider of processor and multiprocessor boards, framegrabbers, I/O boards, daughter cards, system software including comprehensive application libraries, and complete integrated application development platforms.
  • Allen Systems
    Makes single board computers and microcontrollers, used for process control. Also offers hardware and software design services.
  • Altamont Engineering
    Provides real-time embedded software, hardware, power and control systems products and consulting.
  • Amir Technology Labs
    Develops embedded network devices, Application Access Clients, thin client Network Computers and specialized graphics products for the Windows NT and UNIX system integration markets.
  • AMS
    Kits include all the hardware, software and workbooks for microprocessor design and DSP programming electronic curriculum.
  • Analog and Digital Peripherals, Inc.
    Provides peripheral solutions to industry and end user. Offering embedded single board computers, controllers, data acquisition tools, and custom hardware and software design.
  • Applied Data
    Provides turnkey design and supply for single-board, ARM based computers in realtime.
  • Aquarela Systems
    Designs and manufactures pc104 peripherals. Line includes stepper motor controller and 24-line high current output module.
  • ATMEL Home Page
    A leading supplier of high performance, non-volatile memory and logic circuits.