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Performance Tuning

  • AOA Forums
    An overclocking website and forum which contains file downloads and an EPoX technician.
  • Chillblaste
    Specializes in providing computer overclocking information, hardware reviews, and news updates on video cards and CPU's.
    Computers and overclocking guide.
  • EnTech Taiwan
    Company which develops the PowerStrip overclocking utility, supporting most video cards. Also other performance-enhancing utilities
  • HardOCP
    General computer hardware news and Overclocking page complete with information on varying degrees of cooling for overclocked video cards, CPUs, motherboards and other system hardware.
    Up-to-date video card and general hardware news and reviews, along with overclocking of Voodoo3, Voodoo5, Geforce256, Geforce2 and other video cards.
  • M3dzone
    Site offers nvidia reference drivers, bioses, and bios information.
  • OverClocked Inside
    Overclocking help.
    Continuously updated with hardware, CPU's and overclocking.
  • Overclocking
    Hardware resource of cpu's, motherboards and graphic cards.
    Ultimate Upgrade Guide - Video Card Accelerator, Graphics Adapter, or Video Display Adapter. Explains the differences between LCD and CRT technology, and explains the benefits of a faster video card.
  • Tom's Hardware Guide
    General hardware news,as well as reviews and benchmarks of the latest 3D graphics adapters, examining also overclocking of the Voodoo3, Voodoo5, Geforce256, Geforce2, Savage4 and other graphics chipsets.
  • Unofficial ATI Rage 128 FAQ
    Describes how to get the most from and ATI Rage 128 video card, including tweaks, overclocking tips and beta drivers.
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