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Datec Electronics
  International traders of IT components including processors, graphics and video cards.
Highlander Corporation
  A premier vendor of commercial and ruggedized computer systems, upgrades and sub-systems, networking products, telecommunications products, and computer consumables.
Shop 4 Memory
  European supplier of all types of computer memory and upgrades.
  • Advantage Memory
    Manufacturer of quality memory products for all types of computers.
  • American Internet Connection Inc.
    Offers computer memory and parts for upgrades or new systems.
  • AMTI, Inc
    Offers memory and hard drive upgrades available for all desktops and notebooks.
  • Apacer
    Manufactures memory modules, drives, and flash cards.
  • ATP Electronics
    Offers high end computer memory products.
  • Austin Memory, Inc.
    Sells quality memory products.
  • Bison Components
    Memory specialist that focuses on high-speed upgrades for notebooks and sun workstations.
  • The Chip Merchant
    Offers a wide variety of memory modules for all types of computers, printers and laptops.
  • Combined Digital
    Specializes in computer memory, cables, drives and storage.
  • Computer House
    Offers memory advice, discount prices and lifetime guarantee.
  • Computer Memory Stock
    Source for computer memory and upgrades for servers, printers and memory sticks.
  • Computer Memory Wholesalers
    Manufacturers and suppliers computer memory modules.
  • Cosmic
    OEM distributor of cables, memory and GBICs.
  • CPU Wholesale Computers Inc.
    Wholesale distributor of computer memory and processors.
  • Crucial Technology
    Ram and memory upgrades direct from the manufacture Micron.
  • Dane-Elec
    Manufactures and markets memory products for servers, workstations, personal computers, laptops, and portables.
  • Datec Electronics
    International traders of IT components including processors, graphics and video cards.
    Reseller of computer memory.
  • Elmas Computers
    Memory board manufacturers.
  • Enhanced Memory Systems
    Manufacturer of esdram, pc-133 hsdram and edram.
  • Global Component Solutions
    Manufacturer and distributor of memory, hardware, and peripheral solutions for laptops, workstations, desktops, and servers.
  • GoldenRAM Mart
    Discount source for printer, chips and computer RAM memory upgrades.
  • InterWorks
    Provides micro-modular memory for high-end computers, servers, embedded and industrial markets.
  • JK Trading
    Computer memory upgrades for desktop and laptop computers.
  • Kahlon
    Offers memory upgrades for over 3000 different notebooks and desktop computer.
  • Kentron Technologies, Inc.
    Specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of next generation high-density memory modules.
  • Kingston Technology
    Manufacturer of memory products for desktops, notebooks, servers, and workstations.
  • Macrotron Systems, Inc.
    Manufactures custom and standard designed memory modules
  • MajorMemory
    Provides memory with a lifetime warranty.
    Specialises in selling memory upgrades for Cisco products.
  • Memory Express
    Specialist supplier of memory, processor upgrades for PCs and printers.
  • Memory for Less
    Specializes in memory upgrades for over servers, notebooks, and printers.
  • Memory Galaxy
    Specializing in memory for computers, laptops, printers, and routers.
  • Memory Suppliers
    Carries memory for PCs, Macs, digital cameras, and printers.
  • Memory Types
    Design differences for speeds, voltages, and physical size characteristics of memory.
  • Memorycity
    Offers memory upgrades for desktop and laptop computers.
    Site offers specials on premium and generic brand memory chips.
    We buy and Cisco certified memory as well as 3rd party memory.
  • Memoryman
    Apple, Macintosh, and PC computer memory as well as high performance computer upgrade components.
  • MemoryOnly.Com
    Offers computer memory and computer accessories with online shopping.
    Carries memory for all computers, notebooks, PDA's, digital cameras and printers.
  • MemoryX Computer
    Distributor of memory for all major systems.
    Offers memory stick, compact flash, and smart media readers.
  • Micro Memory Bank, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and resells computer memory modules, including proprietary memory types.
  • Micron Technology
    Manufacturers of high-performance memory.
  • Minnesota Memory, Inc.
    Offers memory on desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, workstations and printers.
  • Monarch Technology
    Wholesale distributor of computer memory, CPU's, and Altec Lansing speakers.
    Offers memory for name brand computer, and digital camera.
  • Mushkin Computer Memory
    Offers memory from virtually every computer memory module.
  • Mustang Memory
    Wholesale memory, plus upgrades from Apple thru Zenith for PCs, desktops, notebooks, printers and servers.
    Wholesale company that carries computer peripherals, specializing in memory.
  • OCZ Technology
    Manufacturer of memory modules.
  • Orca Logic Ltd.
    Specialist memory upgrade supplier for workstations, servers, PCs, laptops and printers.
  • P. I. Designs On Silicon
    Designer of semiconductor memories as SRAMs, DRAMs and ROMs.
  • PC Parts Cellar
    Supplying memory and reseller of spare parts.
  • PC Parts Collection
    Offers computer systems and quality upgrade components, CPU, memory, hard drive, multimedia and networking peripherals.
  • The PC Technology Guide
    Outlines the components of the PCs memory architecture and the various memory types and packaging.
  • Performance Memory
    Memory requirements for all desktop, notebooks, workstations and printers.
  • Peripheral Enhancement Corporation
    Specializes in memory devices for computers, and workstations.
  • Price Combat
    Site offers low prices on memory.
    Cost and performance indexes that have been tabulated over time for SDRAM and CPU.
    Desktop and laptop computer memory upgrade store.
  • QesTec, Inc.
    Computer memory manufacturer and vendor.
  • Quadrant Components
    Computer memory upgrades for desktops, notebooks, and servers.
  • Questek Components International
    Specializing in memory products.
  • Rainbow Computers
    Sells memory and memory upgrades. 
  • RAMarama, Inc.
    Company sells computer memory, components and systems.
  • Rambus Inc.
    Manufacture and patent holder of the rambus DIMM or RIMM architecture.
  • Ramseeker
    Tracks memory prices from over 50 memory vendors on 20 different memory types for the Apple Macintosh Computer.
  • S. A. Technologies, Inc.
    Sells memory DRAM, SDRAM, SIMM, DIMM for all computers plus printers, notebooks and routers.
  • Shikatronics Inc.
    Manufactures memory solutions for a wide range of high-end servers, workstations, desktop PCs and notebooks.
  • ShopMemory.Net
    Providing high quality RAM memory upgrades for laptops, notebooks, cameras and other devices.
  • Silicon Mountain
    Offers factory direct memory upgrades for desktops, laptops, printers, servers, and workstations.
  • Simmtech Corporation
    Memory modules manufacturers of all type of memory.
  • Simple Technology
    Manufacturers of memory upgrades, flash cards and hard drives for portables and PC Cards.
  • Simple Technology Ltd.
    UK reseller of memory and peripherals for PC, Mac and Unix systems.
  • Smart Modular Technologies, Inc.,
    Manufactures custom and industry standard PC cards and memory modules for OEMs.
  • 2020 Software Ltd.
    Offers memory for PCs, notebooks and servers.
  • Southland Micro Systems
    Manufacturer and reseller of memory modules for all major manufacturers.
  • Sweet Memory
    Sells and distributes over 2,000 types of memory modules for all types of businesses and end users.
  • Swissbit Ltd.
    Sells computer memory products for desktop, notebook and server PCs and is a distributor of Mosel Vitelic products in Europe. Located in Switzerland.
  • Techmemory
    Offers a wide range of memory modules to meet all PC and Mac requirements.
  • Think Computer Products
    Manufactured and distributed memory, PCMCIA, networking and other peripherals.
  • Tidalink Technology Inc.
    Distributor for memory, CPUs, hard drives, CD-RWs, DVDs and motherboards.
  • Unigen Memory
    Designs and manufactures memory modules and products.
    Specialize in memory upgrades.
  • Viking Components, Inc.
    Designer, manufacturer and distributor of computer system memory boards, flash memory and readers, and modems.
  • West Coast Technology
    Memory manufacturer for all computer, laptops and printers.
  • WinSpec West Manufacturing Inc.
    Manufacturer of memory modules and distributor of computer peripherals.
  • Wintec Industries Inc.
    Specializes in custom memory modules for manufacturers.
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