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Datamath Calculator Museum
  An overview of the calculators manufactured by Texas Instruments Inc. from the famous Datamath (1972) to the modern Graphics calculators, with history and articles.
  • Be Calc
    Serge Devidts' collection of vintage electronic calculators and some other pieces of old technology.
  • Calculator Collecting
    Webring designed to allow navigation between similar sites dealing with the hobby of collecting, and history of electronic calculators.
  • Calculator Technical Information
    Technical information about many calculators, including chip pinouts and self-test sequences, and patent information.
  • Casio FX-700P Programmable Calculator
    Technical information about hardware, interfacing, and programming of this vintage device. Includes a construction project for a storage device to emulate the original FA-3 cassette interface.
  • Collection of Calculators, Portable Computers and Vintage Electronics
    Calculators from the '70s, and famous home and personal computers from '80s. Photos, historic information and links to other resources.
  • Curta Calculating Machines
    Links to useful sites about the Curta. Also documents the full disassembly of one, with pictures.
  • EEC - Early Electronic Calculator Technology Reference
    A source of information about the technology used in the construction of early electronic calculators. Includes a reverse-engineering project.
  • Electronic Calculator History and Technology Museum
    Preserving the history of electronic calculators with information and photographs of early desktop and pocket calculators.
  • The Famous Slide Rule Page
    Pictures and descriptions of The Castell Addiator and The Rapid-Calcolo.
  • Gregory Escov's homepage
    Some articles about Russian made calculators, including undocumented features and error conditions.
  • How to Collect LED Pocket Calculators
    A guide by Larry Gilbert.
  • HP-41 Archive Site
    A library of information about the HP-41 series calculators, with emulators, publications, FAQ, and related links.
  • HP Collection
    Matthias Wehrlis' collection of all HP-calculators and accessories. Includes photographs and specifications for items in the collection. English/German.
  • Mechanical Calculating Machines
    Mechanical calculating machines from a collector's point of view, with articles and links to relevant sites.
  • The Museum of HP Calculators
    Information about every HP calculator made since 1968. Includes photo gallery, old advertisements, operating instructions, pricing information and discussion forum.
  • Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
    A gallery containing many varieties of pocket calculators, slide rules, and abacuses.
  • Museum of Soviet Calculators
    Displays handheld and desktop calculators from the 1900s to the present, showing interesting features of each.
  • The Old Calculators Web Museum
    Virtual museum of vintage mechanical and electronic desktop calculators from the late 1950s through the late 1970s
  • Programmable Calculators
    A collection of programmable and non-programmable calculators and accessories, with articles and repair notes.
  • Retrokit
    Photographs of some older calculator models.
  • Soviet Calculators Collection
    Pictures of calculators from the former USSR. Includes advertisements, articles, and a guestbook. English and Russian languages.
  • Soviet Calculators History
    Article about the history of the development of Soviet calculators, the features and interesting characteristics of the most relevant models are described.
  • Stellatron Calculators
    An A-Z index of manufacturers, with product photographs, and a timeline of model releases.
  • Vintage Calculators
    Information and lists of vintage and classic calculators, primarily Hewlett-Packard and Texas Instruments.
  • Vintage Calculators
    A celebration of old calculators showing the evolution from mechanical calculator to hand held electronic calculator.
  • Vintage calculators
    A collector displays his small collection of old calculator models.
  • The X-Number World of Calculators
    A collection of articles about the history of calculators, mechanical and electronic. Also, a number of on-line calculators, recommended books, and a vintage collectors forum.
  • Yahoo! Groups : oldcalcs
    Bulletin board for collectors of old electronic calculators.
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