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  • CSD Magazine
    Where’s the bus going? by Jesse Winters.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    From comp.arch.bus.vmebus, maintained by Robert J. Boys.
  • An Introduction To VME
    Versa Module Europa bus is a flexible open-ended bus system which makes use of the Eurocard standard. It was introduced by Motorola, Phillips, Thompson, and Mostek in 1981.
  • PCI and VMEbus - Who's the Winner?
    Article reprint archives. Written by Gary Olin, of Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.
    All answers refer to the VME architecture of SGI Challenge/Onyx/Power Challenge/Power Onyx systems.
  • VITA - The VMEbus International Trade Association
    VMEbus information, membership roster, training, and market information. New products directory including a VMEbus virtual trade show, Journal Magazine and standards organization and links.
  • VITA Journal
    Current and past issues.
  • VITA Membership Roster
    These companies are VITA members who support and promote; Open Technology Standards.
  • Vita Publications List
    Book list with ordering information.
  • VITA Standards Organization
    VSO general information.
  • VME International Physics Association
    VIPA works to extend the VME standard to the benefit of the physics community in the areas of data acquisition, front-end instrumentation, beam line instrumentation and accelerator controls.
  • VMEbus Product Directory
    From VITA's site.
  • VMEbus Systems
    VMEbus Systems is the online and print publication dedicated to the advancement of VME technology.
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