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Linux USB Support

    Official site. Includes information, products, developers section, and press.
    Tips for using USB and AGP.
  • Cypress
    Six articles on the use of USB.
  • Developer - Universal Serial Bus
    From Apple's site.
    An introduction to USB development.
  • Everything USB
    News and product reviews on both USB 1.1 and 2.0 peripherals and adapters. Also includes a FAQ and USB 2.0 driver update.
  • A Look at FireWire and USB
    Are USB and FireWire viable technologies for Unix? Rich Morin thinks so. From Sun World.
    USB port speed compared to other port speeds.
  • Spread Spectrum Scene
    Provides tutorial, information links, and recommended reference books on the Universal Serial Bus.
  • Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum
    Current revision of the USB spec with all available device class documents, whitepapers and also the compliance workshop checklists.
  • Universal Serial Bus Information
    What's the deal with USB then? Article by Steve Lawther.
  • USB Central
    Information, tools, and links to material about the Universal Serial Bus (USB).
  • USB Device Development Notes
    General USB information and links.
  • USB Explained: Is the Universal Serial Bus for You?
    From Orange Bytes.
  • USB Peripherals Blossom
    New options for iMac and Windows 98 users written by Rick Russell of the
  • USB Technology
    Supplies information, specifications, and white papers on the Universal Serial Bus, which provides an expandable, hot-pluggable plug and play serial interface that ensures a standard, low-cost socket for adding external peripheral devices.
    All types of information for USB, products, FAQ, glossary and links.
    USB-On-the-Go eliminates PC as the middleman.
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