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  • Confusion Over SCSI Standards
    Written by Alfred Poor from the 5/5/98 issue of PC Magazine.
  • From the A32 Article Archives
    The mysteries of various SCSI bus configurations or SCSI-1,-2, -3 ? by Howard McKinney of A32.
  • FTP for SCSI Standards
    FTP directory /pub/standards at
  • HardwareCentrals SCSI Tutorial
    Introduction, SCSI evolution, SCSI standards, termination, configuration and tips.
  • How to Get T10 Draft Standards and other Publications
    Approved American National Standards and Technical Reports may be purchased ANSI or from Global Engineering Documents. List of available documents and designated numbers.
  • Introduction to the SCSI Series
    ENDL Publications supplies books which are designed for engineers, programmers and application support personnel who work with SCSI.
  • New SCSI Standard Kicks Bus
    With processor clock speeds increasing by leaps and bounds, storage subsystems may be left gasping for breath. A new SCSI standard promises the kind of throughput necessary to keep up with the fastest new CPUs, by Michael Zulich.
  • SCSI and IDE
    Overview and comparison. From the institution of Computer Science at Ume? University in northern Sweden.
  • SCSI Association Ratifies Ultra3 Spec
    By Joseph F. Kovar, Computer Reseller News, Sept. 98.
  • The SCSI Bus and IDE Interface by Friedhelm Schmidt
    All SCSI material updated and adapted to reflect SCSI-3 standard documentation, with new chapter added. Diskette includes new source code and a monitor tool for testing and troubleshooting SCSI devices.
  • SCSI Buses - An Introduction to SCSI Technology
    Article was written by Ron Savage.
  • SCSI Still Kicking in Bus Battle
    By Sonia R. Lelii, of PC Week Onlines, October 18, 1999 issue.
  • The SCSI Trade Association
    Promoting increased understanding and use, to serve as a central distribution source for information and to guiding the growth and evolution of this standard into the future.
  • U-Geek News
    Ultra3 SCSI is ratified.
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