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  • Aeon
    European manufacturer of SCSI switches, Fibre Channel converters, extenders, SAN and WAN components and virtual storage.
  • Digital Interactive Solutions
    European manufacturer and reseller of SCSI, Fibre Channel, SAN and in the specialist storage market place especially regarding tape and data security.
  • Optisys
    SCSI device drivers and NAS servers for optical, CD-ROM, RAID, PD and DVD mass storage devices.
  • Paralan
    Manufactures extenders and converters for LVD/MSE, HVD and SE SCSI also includes Fiber Optic, ASICs design and cables.
  • Rancho Technology
    Design and manufacture single to differential-ended converters and SCSI bus extenders. Includes Ultra2 LVD SCSI, Ultra160 SCSI, and Ultra4. Specializing in custom (OEM) solutions.
  • Second Wave, Inc.
    Marketing the SCUSBee, a USB-to-SCSI port interface allowing iMac, iBook, and G3 to utilize SCSI devices.
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