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  • I2C and ACCESS Bus
    Technical resources and links from MCC Corp.
  • I2C Components
    Manufacturers and design information.
  • The I2C Control System
    Designed for performing the remote control of the channel inhibit option and the multiplicity threshold setting.
  • The I2C FAQ 2.0
    The I2C bus protocol.
  • The I2C FAQ 2.0
    History of the I2C bus.
  • I2C Interface Support in Windows
    Describes the new I2C interface support in the operating systems, which reduces the development requirements of video board manufacturers.
  • I2C Interfacing via PC Parallel Port
    It implements I2C master-mode by bit-banging a couple of lines on the PC parallel port. Includes C source portable for both Borland and Microsoft compilers as well as a PostScript schematic of the needed interface circuit.
  • I2C Software Drivers
    Drivers and information on I2C.
  • I2C Zone
    FAQ, components, and tools.
  • I?C-Bus for Linux
    A simple 2-wire bus that allows micro-controllers and computers to connect to specialized IC's like videotext-decoders and DTMF generators.
  • Link Instruments
    I2C monitors.
  • Philips Semiconductor -
    I2C related files.
  • Single Master I2C Driver Routines
    Discusses the I2C protocol.
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