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Fibre Channel

  • CERN Fibre Channel
    The pages aren't updated any more but there is a lot here. General information, and specifications.
  • Fibre Channel
    Need to solve the storage and access puzzle? This technology puts the pieces together.
  • Fibre Channel EISA Interfaces
    List of manufacturers with EISA interfaces.
  • Fibre Channel: Fast Fibre Outpaces Rivals
    For Fibre Channel proponents and IT managers eager to deploy the new connectivity technology, 1998 looks like the year.
  • Fibre Channel GigaRing Channel Interfaces
    List of manufactures for GigaRing Channel.
  • The Fibre Channel Group at the University of Minnesota
    Provides information about the FC protocol (FC Basics), fabric architecture and topology design (Configuration Toolkit), and performance (Library).
  • The Fibre Channel Industry Association - Europe
    Storage solutions using fibre channel technology with storage area networking, disaster recovery, serverless and remote backup and clustering.
  • Fibre Channel PCI/PMC Interfaces
    List of manufacturers for PCI/PMC bus.
  • Fibre Channel S-bus Interfaces
    List of manufacturers for S-bus.
  • Fibre Channel, SCSI and You
    A preview of Fibre Channel performance.
  • Fibre Channel Tutorial
    Fibre Channel is a computer communications protocol designed to meet the many requirements related to the ever increasing demand for high performance information transfer.
  • Plan to Merge Fibre Channel and SSA Moves Ahead
    Article by Terry Costlow at
  • T11
    Site of TC T11, which standardizes Fibre Channel, HIPPI and IPI interfaces for mass storage peripherals, networks and other high-performance applications.
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