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  • Accelerated Graphics Port
    AGP is a new data super-highway on the PC platform for 3D graphics and full-motion video.
  • The Accelerated Graphics Port
    By Hank Kuo and Adam Labelson project.
  • Accelerated Graphics Port Bus
    Information from Apple on AGP.
  • Accelerated Graphics Port Implementors Forum
    A group of industry leaders in graphics hardware and OEM systems whose purpose is to improve performance of 3D graphics and other visually-intensive applications on PCs at all price points.
  • AGP
    Definition from
  • AGP
    Technical overview.
  • AGP
    Accelerated Graphics Port
    From's site.
  • AGP Technology Tutorial
    From Intel's site.
  • AGP-IF
    Member companies listing at the AGP-IF.
  • AGP-IF Archive
    Downloadable information from the developers conference archive at AGP-IF.
  • Does AGP really Improve Performance?
    Article from Tom's Hardware Guide.
  • Press Release From Intel
    AGP Pro, Part of Upcoming AGP Interface Specification Rev 2.0, Gains Support From Leading Workstation OEMs and Graphics Vendors, archived press release from AGP Forum.
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