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  • Antivirus V-Buster
    DOS-based WIN3.x/95/98/2000/NT antivirus software, automatically rebuild boot sector and partition table of a crashed hard disk. Provides evaluation copy, virus alert and AV resources
  • J and A Virus Info
    J & A virus/antivirus link page
  • Jeff's World
    Includes Mac viruses and virus writing.
  • T E X T F I L E S
    Virus Textfiles. ~200 papers.
  • Virus Bulletin Home Page
    Virus Bulletin is the technical journal on developments in the field of computer viruses and anti-virus products.
  • VX Heavens
    Features texts, papers, links, magazines, binary, engines, kits, and sources.
  • The WildList Organization International
    Information on how the viruses spreads in the Wild.
  • Awix Cool
    Downloadable virus simulator and payloads.
  • D and F Virus
    Anti virus software and viruses (~100) for download.
  • Home Sweet Hell
    100+ macro viruses in separate zip files.
  • Il simpatico bacillo !
    Links to viral and antiviral sites and a few viruses for download
  • International Hackers Association: Virii
    Downloads of viruses and generators.
  • LoveLetter Virus
    Article about the Love Letter or Love Bug virus
  • TheWizard LABs
    Viruses - Illusion, VrN, Lifeform, RideOn
  • Tims
    Some viruses (win32) and h-in' tools for download
  • Voynik's Hack This
    Small page with a few viruses.
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