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  • Barbarian Kings Home Page
    Based upon Greg Costikyan's classic "Barbarian Kings". Features computer moderation, maps, and previous game results.
  • Druids of Paranor
    A play-by-email roleplaying club based on the Shannara series by Terry Brooks.
  • H.M.S. Tiburon
    Based on David Weber's Honor Harrington series. With characters.
  • The Krul Raptor Pack
    A Utahraptor RPG. Based on the book "Raptor Red" by Robert Bakker.
  • Neuromancer
    Free form environment based on the Neuromancer Trilogy. Features player lists, rules and procedures, FAQs, world information, and subscription details.
  • Night World Clubs
    A webring for role-playing games based on the worlds of Lisa Jane Smith.
  • Ameeshia Gor
    Chat system offering a variety of rooms and settings.
  • Camp of the Tuchuk
    Camp of the Tuchuk as found at Chateau Whisper.
  • Camp of the Tuchuks
    The fiercest of the four tribes who make up the Wagon Peoples. A brief introduction to the culture of these proud nomads of the Turian plains.
  • City of Lara
    A TelNet based group welcoming those interested in the culture from the novels of John Norman.
  • The City of Laura
    A remote city-state, located on the banks of the Laurius river, in the shadow of the Northern Forest.
  • The City of Thentis
    City located in the mountains of Thentis on the WebMaze Chat system.
  • Cliffside Gardens
    A roleplay group using the setting of Tyros, an island Ubarate located on the Thassa sea.
  • A Compendium of Gorean Sites
    Collection of categorized links, as well as personally created quote and roleplay topic pages.
  • Free Gorean Avatars
    Avatars for Free Men & Women, Panther Girls, Savages, and slaves.
  • The Gates of Ar
    A virtual city-state for those interested in the philosophy as more than just the basis for entertaining roleplay.
  • Gladsheim - The legacy of Torvald
    A site dedicated to the region of Torvaldsland as it can be found within John Norman's books.
  • Gorean Artisans
    Story writing, dances, poetry, artwork, and expression.
  • The Gorean Collar Registry
    Directory of owners and property. Registration is eligible to any who participate in roleplay online.
  • Gorean Collectanae
    A collection of quotes taken from the novels of John Norman, organized by title and category for easy reference.
  • The Gorean Pages
    Alternative content site for the online chat communities featuring a bulletin board, a listing of chat servers and information.
  • Gorean Role Play
    A roleplay site dedicated to the books of John Norman.
  • Gorean Web Hosting
    Free web space available as well as paid directories and domain hosting.
  • Isle of Tyros
    A roleplay group based on Tyros, island in the Thassa Sea with several chatrooms and a message board.
  • The Jeweled Quiva
    Tavern located in Treve and simulated in Yahoo Chat.
  • Tales of the Tuchuks
    A guide for roleplay set amongst the Wagon Peoples.
  • Taltos' Kassau
    Talto's journey into roleplay, information and links.
  • Tavern Of The Chaotic Moons
    A peaceful and luxurious tavern, hidden away in the hills.
  • The Village of Kassau
    A trade port located on the edge of the Northern Forest near Torvaldsland.
  • XenoChat
    Chat system offering a variety of rooms and settings.
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