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  • Lythlandria's Batmud Castle
    Guide to playing Batmud. Features maps and FAQs.
  • MonstaMUD
    Connection details, message boards and staff contact details.
  • Myriad Magic
    Guidelines, fiction, spells, game manual, races, professions, features, maps and tools.
  • Netherland
    Features race and class information, rules, and clan information.
  • Nightmare LPMud
    News, links, maps and forum.
  • Nodeka
    Game overview, connection details, game guides, message boards and contact details.
  • Redmoon
    News, membership and billing information, downloads, frequently asked questions and player guides.
  • The Sentaari handbook
    An Achaea support site. Provides detailed information on the Sentaari.
  • Shades
    Based on a land of mystery and magic includes help files and player information. Site includes a Java client for direct web connection to the game.
  • Shades of the Past
    A MUD set in the world of Kyderria. History and maps of the world are located on the site. Roleplaying encouraged and limited pkill. SotP offers 8 races, 6 classes with the ability to reclass to a dragon or shade, clans/guilds, quests and tournaments with prizes.
  • TalesMUD
    News, chat, message boards, downloads and connection details.
  • Terris - Ranger Guild Scribe's Office
    Information can be found here for both those interested in the MUD game called Terris and those specifically seeking ranger guild information.
  • TriadCity
    A free large-scale multi-user role playing game with a literary orientation, currently in beta.
  • Ultimate Merentha
    Game overview, message boards, chat room, game information, contact details and links.
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