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Board Pages

  • ActiveMUD
    Play the latest version of MajorMUD free.
  • Adam's Garden BBS
    A multi-line entertainment bulletin board system locally owned and operated in Austin, Texas, USA. Offerings include games (single and multi player), chat, discussion forums, e-mail, adult areas, and files.
  • BloodQuest
    Online nearly 8 years. Range of low/high level players where away from keyboard scripting is allowed. Beginners help provided.
  • Bluehard BBS
    Orlando, Florida is the home to this BBS, once known as TSCNet Executive Online. The flavor is the same, with multi-player games, user forums, teleconferences, file download systems, and many other services.
  • BrainToys BBS
    Contains a 76 node worldgroup 3.3 2k server running MajorMUD.
  • Castle Rock BBS
    As the buffalo disappeared with the advance of civilization and the railroad, local BBS's were cut down by the development of the Internet. Some survived, like this gem in Wisconsin. Castle Rock BBS centers on MajorMud, but also has games like PacDude, Backgammon, Crosswordz, and BBSopoly.
  • Cedar Valley BBS
    Marion, Iowa is the home to this full-featured WorldGroup server. MajorMUD is the star, but the board also has Tradewars and TLord.
  • Close Encounters BBS
    Started in 1983, and on the net since 1996, Close Encounters features MajorMUD.
  • The Coffee Break BBS Homepage
    Coffee Break BBS is a well-established Southern California BBS that features fun games and a friendly staff. Join them for MajorMud, Tradewars, Legend of the Red Dragon and a lot more.
  • Digital Diversions Online
    Got MUD? DigiDiv offers a fun, no stress gaming experience and allows up to 5 accounts per IP connection. The game features a sysbot and a healbot to help out.
  • Downunder BBS
    One of the few surviving Australian WorldGroup boards. The BBS opened on October 6, 2002, and it is still relatively new.
  • Elite Gamers
    The Official Game Network, all your online needs for games Gamcube, Xbox, Computer, Board
  • EntMud
    EntMud is a new, non-pvp, 24/7 scripting game.
  • EOL Online
    Offers MajorMUD, Farwest Trivia, Online Chat, and both Local and MajorNet Public Message Forums.
  • Fantastic Planet Online Service
    Fantastic Planet is a free online gaming platform located in south Florida.
  • Ghetto BBS
    Ghetto BBS has been up and running since May 3, 2003 and is actively welcoming new members.
  • Holodeck BBS
    A free BBS featuring MajorMUD plus other games and chat.
  • Hotel California BBS
    Welcome to Hotel California... in Ohio. Information on joining this helpful, friendly realm.
  • Hub BBS
    Home to a 10 year old BBS and a MajorMUD game that has never been reset. Plenty of room for new players.
  • Hub BBS, Too
    Sister board to Hub BBS, and a newer, smaller non-PvP MajorMUD game. All paid members are welcome to have a free duplicate account.
  • The KEEP BBS
    The KEEP BBS has been online and operational since 1983 and features some great games besides MajorMUD. It is not not just a system for you to participate in, but an interesting, thought-provoking, imaginative and entertaining experience.
  • Kewl! BBS
    Kewl! BBS is a Worldgroup BBS and ISP in San Carlos, California. They feature the role-playing game MajorMud along with lots of other online Games, Teleconferences, Usenet/Majornet and local Forums, Grafitti Walls, wacky Polls and many other goodies.
  • Loonie Bin BBS
    Includes member pictures and top-100 links.
  • The Magic FunHouse BBS
    This medium-sized BBS is located in north Orange County, California. They run a number of fun games and currently have 86 lines available for telnet. Two MajorMUD games.
    MajorMud: Realm of Legends, the classic text-based RPG, awaits you at Downloads include maps.
  • Metropolis Masterpiece
    Portal into 7 active MajorMUD games.
  • Miller's Party Board
    This Southern California institution is still going strong. Check the website for characters up for sale.
  • Misfits BBS -
    Misfits BBS opened to the public on March 25th, 2003 and welcomes all new players looking for a place to call home.
  • The Mithril Mines BBS
    A game run by the players and for the players with no interference from staff members.
  • MUD Dweller
    Information on how to sign up, how to play, mud rules, and also offers discussion forums.
    Since the beginning of time all creatures big and small are torn between GOOD and EVIL. Such is Mudwar, a young board with a growing number of players.
  • Operation DataStorm
    Operation DataStorm is your online chat and game destination. With most members from Wisconsin and some from around the world we offer you a variety of chat topics and featured games such as MajorMUD and Trade Wars 2002.
  • The Phantom Empire
    An online social and gaming system for the Washington DC metro area and the world! Features MajorMUD, Tradewars, TLord, and other games.
  • Point Blank BBS
    Online since 1992, this BBS has all the features you expect - chat, email, forums, and games.
  • Realm Of Mirage BBS
    Formerly known as Cyberwar-Mirage BBS ('94), Realm of Mirage is a retro-style BBS stocked with well-known Door games and quality CiA ansi graphics. You can play MajorMud for free for 5 hours per day, and are allowed one duplicate character. Lots of old-school games here.
    Gaming taken to the limits, and not just MajorMUD.
  • Silent Running Online Entertainment System
    More than just an ISP, this Riverside, California based BBS also offers a full range of entertainment as well as dial-up service.
  • Snuggler's Cove Online
    Shop, play games, or sign up to play MajorMUD.
  • Tarl's Place
    Tuscon, Arizona is the home to this BBS that features MajorMUD and Tradewars. Several levels of daily access time for reasonable fees.
  • TheKingdom
    Home page for TheKingdom MajorMUD BBS.
  • Twilight Zone BBS
    A WorldGroup BBS that offers MajorMUD, Tradewars, TLord, and The Rose.
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