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  • Fragmere
    A customizable graphical MUD. Features documents, downloads, forums, and screenshots.
  • IBGames
    Dedicated to bring the best in multi-player games, where interaction occurs with hundreds of other players in a variety of exciting environments. Games are designed to appeal to the thinking adult.
  • Kowh's Labyrinth
    A labyrinthine forum for tales of Illusia: Quest for the Eternals, as told by the Minotaur Knight M'Kowthis At'hor.
  • Realms of Kaos
    A role playing adventure. Features message boards, rules, chats, downloads and FAQs.
  • Rise of Myrmidon
    Join forces with fellow adventurers in a persistent world multiplayer game. Make friends and take sides. For if you side with goodness, you must stop the rise of Myrmidon. (Shockwave)
  • Shadow Worlds
    A free role playing game. Features information on players, maps, downloads and a forum. [Russian version also available].
  • Wyvern
    Coded in Java. Includes detailed player guides and a downloadable map editor.
  • Furcadia
    A free multiplayer online game for socialization and role-playing with graphics, music, and games. Downloadable client for Windows.
  • Talzhemir's Treasure Trove  
    FAQ, links, roleplaying, fun, dreams and guilds.
  • Character Site: Alucath
    A character site, describing the traits of Alucath and his RolePlay in Furcadia.
  • FCDE - Furcadia Character Description Editor
    Downloads of a script and character editors.
  • Furcadian Dreambuilders
    Features a made to order dreams service.
  • Furcadian Randomism
    A site dedicated to the practice of Randomism and the art of purposelessness.
  • Furre!
    Furcadian news, events and help. Features downloads, patches, software and dreams.
  • The Hive by BraveCat and Aramos
    dia, and the obsolete graphical MUD called DragonSpires. This site includes older screenshots, help, patches, and links.
  • Jagu's Furry Art
    Patches, portraits, commissions, auctions and a list of prints and originals for sale.
  • Mahamari's Furcadia Book
    Features patches, artwork, and dream-building ideas.
  • PyroDuck's Furcadia History Archive
    It's full of the backgrounds of Furre's.
  • The Realm of Kao Atlantis
    Features artwork, downloads, software and detailed guides.
  • Sanctimonious' ultimate disaster site
    Downloads and patches.
  • UDoomer's Furcadia Page
    Features information on guilds, art, members and a searchable player's database.
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