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  • The MUD Connector
    One of the largest MUDlists available. Search by keyword, server type, game features or language. Reviews by players and TMC staff.
  • Amberyl's Almost-Complete List of MUSHes
    MUSHes and related (MUX, MURE) worlds. Includes links to homepages as well as connection statistics and uptime. Loosely categorized by theme (social, fantasy RP, World of Darkness RP).
  • Book-themed SF/Fantasy M**
    A listing of MUDs based on the works of an author of science fiction or fantasy. MUDs are grouped by series or author.
  • The Complete Abermud List
    A full listing of Abermuds and webpages, plus source code, MUD add-ons, telnet clients, zones, and Aber history.
  • Deutsche MUD-Liste
    List of MUDs in Germany (written in English and German).
  • Lysators MUDs
    Listing of MUDs hosted at Lysator.
  • MudNow
    A new listing site where one can place their own listings and reviews of muds. Also has resources for the mud building.
  • MudRanger
    Directory and reviews of various types of MUDs.
  • MUSH Warehouse: MUSH List
    A list of over 200 MUSH games currently in operation. The list provides the normal alphabetical list as well as smaller lists divided by server type and theme types.
  • Otaking Games
    Listing of MUX, Tiny and MOO's running on Otaking servers.
  • Realms of the Imagination
    A fairly small list devoted to MU*s with original themes.
  • Rhal's Furry MU*s Connector
    List of online multi-person shared environments (MUCKs, MUSHes) featuring anthropomorphics.
  • Top Mud Sites
    MUDs ranked according to visitor votes.
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