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  • Diku MUD  
    Official Diku website, featuring a heirarchy, and copyright issues with Everquest.
  • AlexMUD
    Based on a combination of fantasy and Science Fiction. Find sections on classes, areas, FAQs, and player guides.
  • Alter Aeon
    Features information on current statistics, help, and the people who play this mud.
  • Alter Aeon Help Site
    Features maps, spells, skills, areas, rules, articles and building documents.
  • Alternate Illusions
    Contains information on history, policy, staff, areas, players, OLC and details of a mailing list.
  • Apocalypse V Mud
    Many original zones created by players. It is also a newbie friendly mud, with 40 mortal levels and many classes and races to choose from. Equipment is level based, and skills are based on practice.
  • Arctic Mud
    Loosely based on TSR's Dragonlance novels.
  • Armageddon
    Website for Armageddon, a diku MUD. Contains a selection of information for beginners to this game, including all aspects of character customisation, 'how to roleplay' guides, and discussion boards.
  • Ashavar's Legacy
    A raceless and classless mud original areas, built-in puzzles, randomized quest areas, player made equipment, and interactive mobiles.
  • Burning
    Information on races, classes, multiclassing, skills, spells, areas and features. Also includes a new player guide, building manual ftp archive, message forum, connection and contact details.
  • Continents
    Features information on character creation, races, classes, factions, clans, and staff. Includes a question and answer section, help files and a mailing list.
  • Criterion MUD
    Features newbie resources, race, class, and clan information.
  • Curiosity's Shadowdale Site
    A companion to the Shadowdale MUD. Features maps, itemstats, player details and hints and tips.
  • Dead of Night
    Information on classes, races and clans. Also provides a detailed building section.
  • Death's Domain
    Information on players, rules, help files, credits and resources. Features a new player guide, archive's and mailing list.
  • Destiny
    Information on players, immortals, history, resources, and roleplay.
  • Empire
    Roleplay with anonymity in a fantasy mud with an original 10k+ room world. This mud is for experienced players.
  • Fatal Dimensions
    A European-based MUD offering a nice mix of stock and original areas, cool coding, and lots of nifty features. It has been online since August of 1996.
  • The Four Lands
    Information on clans and features. Provides a message board, chat room, artwork, and resources
  • Harshlands
    Detailed information about the game, alchemy, administrators, crafts, mangai, organisations, places, policies, races and religion. Also provides contact and connection details.
  • Harshlands Fan, The
    Created and maintained by fans of the RPI MUD Harshlands. The main focus is character creation role-play and having fun.
  • Land, The
    Offers links to pictures, stories, and books. [Based on the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever.]
  • The Last Outpost
    Contains links to clients for playing mud, game credits, a 'whats new' section, player score information, and a short paper on mud area topology.
  • The Last Sunrise
    Information about history, rules, character creation, player photograph gallery, races and guidelines.
  • Legends of Kallisti
    Features include in-depth guides about classes, races, spells, skills, and equipment, overviews of many game features, builder information, MSP sound information, and message forums.
  • Lords of the Realm
    Information about races, classes, houses and players. Also includes a detailed building guide.
  • Medievia
    One of the largest, most advanced games on the Internet.
  • Midnight Shadows
    Features a members lists, a live whose online listing, contact information and FAQs.
  • Multi Mud
    Heavy source modifications leading to a lot of additional commands, spells and skills.
  • The Mystic Adventure Guide
    Muds are online roleplaying games of which Mystic Adventure aims to be the best. Classes, races, and quests are available.
  • Nilgiri the forgotten world
    Information on players, immortals, artwork. Also includes sections on features, a new player tutorial.
  • The Northern Crossroads
    Features unique races, classes, spells/skills, zones/areas, and optional PlayerKilling.
  • OurPlace, A Multi-User Community
    Features include introduction links to information on privacy.
  • ROP - Rites of Passage MUD
    Good versus evil player kill mud running an enhanced EmlenMud code. Features 24 races, 9 professions, remorts, clans, guilds, and warpoints.
  • Shadows of the Mind
    Information on areas, immortals, quests, players and story. Provides resources, building guides, maps and a mailing list.
  • Sharune
    Sections on rules, policy, game information, getting started, news, FAQ. Also features a bulletin board, guide book and the Bards' Tales Inn.
  • Sloth
    Features sections on staff, equipment, spells, potions, skills, maps and auctions.
  • SoulCypher
    Information on quests, equipment, story. Also includes a new player section, maps, message boards, contact and connection information.
  • TeraMUD
    Features detailed maps, newbie guides, online helpfiles, and forums.
  • The Underworld
    Based on a combination of Diku and Silly. Features sections on quests, areas, prizes and auctions.
  • Valhalla Mud
    Information about the VME codebase, a new player guide, help files, message board and player photographs. Also include's a building guide.
  • VieMud
    Information about races, professions and areas. Also provides a primer for new players, Curious Area Worshop, maps and helpfiles.
  • Worlds of Carnage
    Carnage has the flavor of a traditional fantasy Tolkien-based world, with modifications. 10 races and a classless system of learning skills.
  • Zee Mud
    Swords and sorcery theme Dikumud based upon Mudde Pathetique.
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