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  • AL MUD Client
    A free MUD client.
  • AvPlay
    Fully functional and free MUD playing client. Designed for use with Avalon but compatible with other MUDs.
  • CWSApps - 16-bit Telnet Clients
    Listing and review of various 16-bit Windows telnet clients.
  • DDEmud Telnet Client
    DDEmud is a telnect client for mud with images and sounds support, triggers, automap, aliases
  • Fire Client
    Downloads, support, MUD hosts, and updates. Tutorials and "how to" questions are answered, including discussion of the products of Firebolt Software.
  • MuckClient
    A free telnet client based for windows 95/98/NT. It has multi session support, and is currently under development.
  • Mud Master
    32bit mud client designed to run under Windows' console mode. Command syntax modeled on Tintin's.
  • MUSHclient
    MUD and MUSH client for Windows 95 or NT. Shareware.
  • Pueblo
    Multi functional Telnet client.
  • Pueblo
    MUD client that allows users to experience 3D and 2D environments, sound and graphics.
  • RoAClient MUD Client
    32-bit GUI MUD client for Win95/98/NT with support for VT100/ANSI colors.
  • SimpleMU MUD Client
    A client for all MUD type games including MUSH, MOO, MUCK and MUSE. Supports a highly customizable GUI including background images. It also supports triggers, aliases, gags, macros, and color highlighting.
  • SMud
    Client featuring graphics support, file uploading/logging and local editing.
  • souracid
    A MUD and MUSH client designed for simplicity and speed. Developed for Windows 32bit OS using Visual Studio 6.
  • SPMud Client
    A free MUD client for windows9x and NT.
  • Tinkeri View for Windows
    MUD client for Windows 95/98.
  • Windows Resources For MU* Players
    An assortment of links to MU* Clients for both Windows 3.1, and Windows 95.
  • WinMUD
    MUD client featuring skin support.
  • Zugg Software
    MUD client for Windows which includes automatic mapping with custom teleport directions, and one-way links. Database for storing information on equipment, monsters, other players. Supports multiple characters in multiple windows.
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