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Linux and Unix

  • AMCL - A simple Mud CLient
    AMCL is Mud Client for X-Windows written in C, using the GTK+ widget set.
  • Bmud
    MUD-Client for GTK and Gnome.
  • Kmud
    Free mud client for the KDE Desktop under Linux/UNIX.
  • Mcl - MUD Client for Linux
    A small MUD client that runs on a Linux Virtual Console.
  • MudTelnet - Telnet enhanced for MUD use
    Excellent support for MUDs with server side VT102 capability. Features special effect triggers and scripting by perl, C, C++, and shell.
  • Papaya
    GTK-based mud client for Linux, Solaris and Windows. Amongst other things it features aliases, triggers, ANSI colour, plugins and multiple connections.
  • RMC - Ron's MUD Client
    A simple and easy to use MUD-Client written using the GTK.
  • SClient
    Small GTK-based MUD client for X.
  • Tintin++
    Text-based MUD client with read-line support. Actions, aliases, and substitutions. Quite portable.
  • Xpertmud
    A mud client software for Linux using KDE Libraries.
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