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Mechanical Design

  • Ashlar Inc.
    Vellum 3D CAD program and Vellum Solids 3D modeling software.
  • Autodesk Inventor
    Solid modeling package for 3D mechanical design.
  • Autodesk Inventor Tutorials by Sean Dotson
    Basic and advanced tutorials on the use of Autodesks Inventor software, with file library, design gallery and discussion forum.
  • Autopipe
    Software that calculates piping code stresses, loads, and deflections under static and dynamic loading conditions, with special features for buried pipeline analysis, wave loading, and fluid transients.
  • CADables
    TurboCAD hatch patterns, color palettes, and related resources.
  • CoCreate
    A software subsidiary of HP that develops mechanical CAD and design management software.
  • Drew's MCAD Connection
    A technical resource for users of Autodesk's MCAD products including Mechanical Desktop and Inventor.
  • Engineering Software Solutions
    Developers of engineering based design software for special requirements in industries such as petrochemical, ship building, mining, civil, mechanical, structual, manufacturing, defence and aerospace.
  • freeCAD
    A basic CAD program for creating collections of 3D elements, which can be connected by joints, constraints, actuators, springs, dampers, or forces for running motion simulations.
  • FrigoSim
    A tool for the design of thermal energy plants, like refrigerating, AC and heat pump plants.
  • Function Bay, Inc.
    Virtual prototyping of complex mechanical systems with the RecurDyn software products.
  • Intergraph SmartSketch
    A 2D parametric drawing program for Windows, that works on AutoCAD and MicroStation files.
  • IronCAD
    Solid modeling software for mechanical designers and engineers.
  • Lumeo Software
    Provides real-time simulation software for motion dynamics and real-life control systems testing. Description of programs and company profile.
  • Manusoft Technologies Pte Ltd.
    Developers of IMOLD, a knowledge-based 3D mold design application for SolidWorks which runs on the Windows platform.
  • MCS, Inc.
    Makers of the Anvil Express software for mechanical design, that also has manufacturing features.
  • MechSoft
    Database of standard parts with tools for performing mechanical calculations, for use with many CAD systems.
  • Pilot3D
    A relational trimmed NURB curve and surface 3D modeling program, useful for boat hulls and other applications.
  • ProSpur+
    A program designed to create drawings of spur gears, as symbols for ProCAD+ on Acorn RISC computers.
  • Revware, inc.
    Feature-based reverse engineering software for SolidWorks.
  • Romax Technology
    Develops software for gear box design, dynamic simulation of gear shift synchronization, and related tasks.
  • Saga Software
    TabletCAD is a computer program for designing medicinal tablet shapes, calculating tablet volume and surface area and producing tablet technical drawings.
  • Sheet Lightning
    Specialized engineering 2D/3D CAD shareware for sheet metal design and unfolding for fabrication and manufacture. It handles cylinders, cones, square-to-round adapters, ovals, intersections and multi-intersections.
  • Sigmetrix LLC
    Develops and supports CE/TOL, a tolerance and variation analysis software package for mechanical design and manufacturing processes.
  • SketchCalc
    A software that allows to calculate the properties of arbitrary profile sections, imported from DXF.
  • SnapCAD
    A mechanical design software package for TEMA type shell and tube heat axchangers and ASME pressure vessels.
  • Solid ConceptMecaSoft
    Develops and sells SolidConcept, a parametric 3D solid modeling software for creating parts, assemblies and automatic 2D drawings.
  • SolidWorks
    A solid modeling program for mechanical engineers and designers, as well as add-on applications.
  • SteelCad
    Steel detailing software with packages for structural design, detailing, and manufacturing.
  • Steelcad Consultants A/S
    SeaSolution is a tool for geometric simulation and design focused at ship building and shell plates development.
  • Think3
    Produces mechanical CAD software for conceptual design through engineering to manufacturing for products in many industries.
  • VariCAD
    2D/3D mechanical engineering CAD System for Windows and Linux.
  • Zetaline Projects Limited
    Presents the PipeData-Pro software family for piping designers and engineers [requires JavaScript and Flash].
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