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  • The Synchronet BBS List  
    This page contains listings of Synchronet Bulliten Board Systems, This useful list of some of the BBS' online is updated 24 hours a day.
  • The TEXTFILES.COM Historical BBS List  
    A Compilation of BBS Numbers garnered from a number of sources; intended to be a historical record of all the Bulletin Board Systems that ever existed.
  • Alans-World:Bulletin Boards Lists Page
    A page consisting of other bbs list pages.
  • AMCOM HAM BBS listings
    Listings of HAM radio BBS's around the world.
  • AmSAT Dial Up BBS Systems
    The following dial-up bulletin board systems maintain some satellite information. None of these BBS systems are run by AMSAT as such. The information listed here may not be entirely current.
  • 518 Area BBS List
    List BBS services in the (518) area code of New York.
  • The BBS Corner Telnet BBS Guide
    Listings of telnettable bulletin board systems (BBS) throughout the world. Log onto BBS systems without having to dial long distance.
  • BBS Scene Links Page
    This site aims to provide a comprehensive, useful, and up-to-date compendium of BBS-related links and websites.
  • DDS List Telnet to a BBS!!!
    Links to telnettable bulliten board systems.
  • Denton Texas Area BBS List
    Bulletin Board Systems in the Denton, Texas area.
  • German Mailbox Index - Demix
    List of BBS in Germany, news, beginner's help, mailbox guide, and software and information. Demix - Deutscher Mailbox Index.
  • List of BBS in Malaysia
    List of BBSs In Malaysia.
  • List of Finnish 24h BBS'es
    BBS listings for Finland.
  • Michael's BBS List
    Free, telnetable BBS's around the world.
  • North America BBSLIST Selection Page
    A BBSList of most of North America, updated daily.
  • Pweck's Retreat - The BBS List!
    Telnet BBS Listings
  • St. Louis BBS Listings
    Area Code 14 St. Louis Missouri BBS Listing.This monthly updated list contains the numbers and information on all St. Louis public computer bulletin board systems.
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